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Birth Name: Killian Waltz

Gender: Male

Race: Hyur (Midlander)

Height 6 fulms

Weight: Approximately 175 ponzes

Nameday: 3rd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon

Guardian deity: Azeyma Icon.png Azeyma, the Warden

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Birth Place: Gridania

Association: House de Bayle

Residence: Lavender Beds (W9P37)

Marital Status: Married to Hestia de Bayle

Sexual Orientation: Heteroflexible

Occupation: Head Cleric and Baron of House de Bayle

Disposition: Neutral Good | ISFJ


HAIR & EYES: Fiery red hair falls in messy layers around Killian's face, grown out for several moons to the base of his neck at its longest. Under certain lighting, strands of pale silver-white can be seen throughout. Generally, the redhead wears it loose about his shoulders, but sometimes he can be seen wearing it up in a messy tail. Killian also keeps a neatly-trimmed beard along the line of his chin and jaw, which is much better tended than his unkempt hair. His beard is a little lighter than the locks that crown his head, with traces of gold threaded through it.

While his hair is bright, but natural, his eyes are an unsettling, cloudy grey-white hue, tinged slightly with the barest hint of blue - perhaps their original or intended color. They're often described as "dead" in spite of their sometimes-erratic movement. They never focus on any one thing; instead, they seem to look through whatever he happens to be staring at. The redhead occasionally wears a pair of heavily tinted spectacles to protect his eyes and hide his disconcerting gaze as well as much of his expression.

PHYSIQUE & MARKINGS: Killian stands tall, but certainly not out of the ordinary as far as Hyur go, at a respectable six fulms even in height. He presents a sharp figure with an athletic build that contrasts with the open, friendly, and inviting demeanor he displays when he's the same way it contrasts with his nervous, withdrawn bearing when he's uncomfortable. His stature and build might come as a surprise to some when considering his chosen lifestyle, but Killian nevertheless seems to prioritize a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine to maintain his lean, sturdy physique. Unusual for a man of his age, the redhead might once have boasted a complete lack of scarring for most of his life despite his clumsy nature. However, in the past turn, Killian has managed to collect quite a few, and the majority of these surround his hands and forearms. Most notably, his palms and fingers shine with patchy burn scars, as if Killian had at some point decided to stick both hands palms-first directly into a fire. Other discolored blotches of near-white skin blemish his hands and forearms in some strange, mild variation of vitiligo, and faint, pale lines run in uneven patterns like a series of bad scratches. Additionally, Killian looks to have held onto the wrong end of a blade at some point: a razor thin, raised line runs over the palm of his left hand, and a parallel mark cuts across his fingers. On the belly of his right wrist is an almost invisible star-shaped birth mark, hidden amidst the various scars that have collected around the area.

VOICE: Killian's voice is fairly unremarkable in sound: a middling tenor, with no particular smoothness or roughness to make it stand out. He does, however, speak with something of a foreign accent, with a lilting brogue not often heard in Gridania. When he's at ease and talking to close friends, he often speaks with warmth in his tone and seems on the verge of laughter - the sound of which tends to be infectious. It's easy to hear a smile in his voice in such cases, and that can make him appear very approachable. It's also fairly easy to hear whether or not he's lying. His voice is possibly the only way to tell, in fact, as he lacks a lot of the body language most people inherently use to communicate, and his face isn't overly expressive.

When uncomfortable or surrounded by a lot of people, Killian's voice and speech patterns drastically change, as if some internal behavioral switch has been flipped. He becomes withdrawn and nervous rather than open and friendly, often hesitating and stammering out halting words. He's prone to apologizing and speaking as politely as possible, but most commonly, the man will simply not talk at all, and instead allow others to carry the conversation, reluctantly responding only when it's required of him.

ATTIRE: Killian maintains rather obsessively good hygiene, washing regularly and taking care of his appearance, and perhaps because of this, he always seems to smell like fresh-cut herbs or flowers - especially lavender. This could also be the result of the time he spends at the Botanists' Guild, usually evidenced by dirt caked around his boots and knees. His choice of garb is generally consistent from day to day: plain, loose-fitting clothes that keep him fairly well covered and hide his athletic build, intentionally or not. Killian's older clothes tend to be made from undyed cloth, which, in combination with his humble lifestyle, suggests a lack of money. Despite this, the cloth and leather material he seems to prefer in his clothes is quite fine of make - soft and durable - which instead suggests that he's invested no small amount of coin into his attire, regardless of their undyed and well-worn nature. In recent moons, Killian seems to have gotten more adventurous in his choice of clothes, adding brighter colors and different styles to his collection. Heavier coats, colorful embroidery, and unusual or exotic styles all have made appearances in his wardrobe, generally of expensive and tasteful design. Curiously, his clothes all come with a collection of pockets or pouches sewn into them, both hidden and obvious. These are usually full of various knick-knacks - loose leaves of parchment, jars of various herbs, potions, and salves, and perhaps a book or two. There are a few other things that Killian always wears or carries on his person, much like his collection of pockets - notably a silver-banded ring and a white arrowhead-shaped stone worn on a chain around his neck, another necklace with a silvered coin as a pendant, and a walnut cane that's never too far from hand.


Killian is often seen as both friendly and difficult to be around, and the contradiction is best observed in action rather than explained. He's relentlessly kind, trusting to a fault, and always eager to help. When by himself and around close friends, he wears an amicable smile that seems to be just a part of his natural, neutral expression, like someone who doesn't have a trouble in the world...even if the reality is quite the opposite. Killian very clearly dislikes bothering and burdening people, and will often say or do things he's uncomfortable with if he thinks it's required of him in order to put someone else at ease. He's too trusting of people as a general rule, and his gentle nature has been taken advantage of more times than he's probably even aware of. But in spite of his inherent friendliness and desire to help, he's not very good at socializing or keeping friends, and will often point out the fickle nature of the people around him. He can be very stubborn when it comes to his ideals, and his reasoning tends to be simple-minded. Indeed, more than one person has made the observation that Killian seems somewhat slow of mind, and arguing with him is usually an exercise in frustration. He's difficult to offend, but it's easy to tell when he's upset: distress shows itself in nervous energy, which he releases through repetitive motions like tapping his heel and bouncing his knee, rocking back and forth, or rubbing his hands together in a dry-washing motion. Such anxiety can feature in his demeanor just as often as his friendliness. When pushed past this point of upset, Killian becomes entirely unreasonable to deal with, displaying a childlike anger most attribute to outright madness. It's usually best to just leave him be until he calms again, as he knows and trusts very few people who can handle him when such rages overcome him, and his powerful frame can cause significant injury to people who come too close.

Killian knows he's troubled - afflicted by some mind-made demon that causes his odd behavior - and he despises the darkest parts of himself that are beyond his control. Although few people have ever seen him in such a state, he spends a disproportional amount of time fearing and hating these violent episodes, and does everything in his power to keep them from happening again. For this reason, there are times when the redhead withdraws entirely from the world, hiding away in small niches when he can't escape to his home. To most, the only quantifiable reason for these withdrawals is somehow related to stress. On the rare occasion that someone bothers to check up on him, they might find him particularly difficult to speak to, as he tends to be either entirely unresponsive or unusually argumentative. When left alone, these episodes only tend to last a few suns at a time - and usually go entirely unnoticed - before Killian is out and back to work wherever he might be of use.

Although he generally presents an amicable face to those who approach him, Killian absolutely believes that people are fickle by nature and never expects to know anyone he meets for very long. He sees himself as little more than a passing curiosity in the opinions of those around him, and all his life those people have grown bored, or tired of trying to deal with him, or upset in some fashion by something he's said or done. They have often taken advantage of his kindness and willingness to help, and ultimately they have all left him to his own devices while they move on with their own lives. His world is defined by these experiences: everyone eventually leaves. Although this hasn't changed his single-minded desire to help and make people happy, it has made him cynical of any argument that runs contrary to what he's experienced; to his mind, such arguments are almost synonymous to outright lies, simply because he knows no different. In this respect, it's often difficult (or perhaps impossible) to earn Killian's trust, even after a significant investment of time. His inability to rely on others has been a driving factor in finding his own independence, and serves as the reason he insists on living without a caretaker. He despises the thought of forcing others to stay with him through a sense of obligation as much as he despises being seen as a charity case to pity.

Killian's mannerisms reflect this mindset: he's quick to offer whatever assistance he can give, even if it's the clothes off his back, and it's nearly impossible to get him to admit when something's bothering him. In almost any given instance, if something's within his power to accomplish, Killian will do whatever it takes to put others before himself, without expectation of reward or even a word of thanks.


  • Helping people and making them happy. He doesn't think he's particularly good at it, but making someone laugh and feeling like he can be of help brings him joy.
  • Things that are soft to the touch. Killian can be distracted almost instantly from just about anything if he comes in contact with something soft.
  • Making and/or drinking tea. Tea is something of an obsession of Killian's, and he can almost always be found with a cup of tea in hand whenever he's settled at a table.


  • Violence and confrontation. Killian finds himself easily overwhelmed and doesn't handle confrontation very well.
  • Mushy or squishy foods. He's a picky eater and will childishly refuse to eat things with certain textures like fish or eggs.
  • Crowds and the loud sounds that accompany them. Similar to how he feels about confrontation, Killian is easily overwhelmed when there's too much going on around him.
  • Being called someone's friend, especially without any sort of discussion on the matter beforehand. He's very particular about his friends, believing that everyone will abandon him sooner or later, and makes a point of trying to avoid making any.


  • Killian has a very literal mindset and often misunderstands what people around him are saying, usually to comical effect.
  • Sometimes Killian can be found speaking to himself, especially when he seems nervous.
  • It's not the wisest decision to trust a secret to Killian, who's honest to a fault and finds it difficult if not impossible to lie convincingly.
  • Killian has a tendency to disappear for suns at a time without warning.


  • Hurting people is perhaps the thing that Killian fears most. He can't stand the thought of being the cause of someone else's pain and will do everything in his power to try to avoid it.
  • Being left behind and/or getting lost. Killian is terrible at finding his way around, especially in unfamiliar places. This also plays into a fear of abandonment after having come to the conclusion that everyone will eventually leave.
  • Being unable to render aid (or being prevented from doing so) in any way towards someone else's suffering. This is one of the quickest ways to upset him.


  • Killian spends much of his free time helping out at the Botanists' Guild, although he's not officially a member. In exchange, he's often paid in plants and seeds he can use for alchemy.
  • One of Killian's favorite ways to pass time is by blending his own tea. He's something of a connoisseur when it comes to the drink, and has a collection of various blends both common and custom-made.
  • After his skill and experience as a healer was recognized by the house under which he is employed, Killian opened a clinic and now spends time tending to it nearly every sun.


  • Favorite Food: Beef stew that's been mostly drained of broth.
  • Favorite Drink: Tea, especially lavender.
  • Favorite Color: None.
  • Favorite Sounds: Running water in any form, but particularly in fountains.
  • Habits: Frequent hand-washing and other somewhat obsessive methods of keeping himself and his space clean and tidy.


The only thing known about Killian's mother Áine when she first arrived to Gridania is that she came, alone, through the aether, heavy with child and on the verge of death thanks to aetherial overexposure. His birth was complicated, at best; Áine's waning health necessitated early labor, leaving Killian frail and blind either as a result of the complications or the events leading up to them. Even as a babe, it was obvious that he bore strong aetherial potential and would grow into a powerful spellcaster...assuming he survived his early years. Killian was a sickly child, and one whom no one expected would live to see his first nameday, let alone the ones that followed. Though the Conjurers' Guild kept an eye on him throughout the years, Killian grew up an orphan passed around from family to family, ultimately living as something of a transient in the city-state with no real attachment to anyone and a deeply-embedded sense of independence. He was already capable of destructive, if uncontrolled, elemental power by the age of five - even as he struggled with learning such basic concepts as speech and communication, and remained more or less isolated as a result. The Conjurers' Guild finally took him in during this period of his life, becoming a relatively positive experience, and began patiently teaching him how to read a special sort of text for the blind and guiding him through lessons of elemental conjury and manipulation.

The illness that plagued his childhood began to fade as Killian grew with the guild. He transitioned from a frail, thin child to a young, athletic man who obviously looked after his own health. As his health improved, he became fascinated with alchemy and began spending his free time studying this to supplement magical healing. Although he would sometimes inexplicably disappear for suns at a time over the years - leaving no clues as to what he did during such disappearances - the vast majority of his life from the moment his health turned for the better was spent learning conjury and alchemy and helping the people around him in whatever way he could.


Killian remembers very little of the Calamity. He knows through context that he would have been in Gridania trying to offer aid despite his relative youth - having all but mastered the healing arts of conjury in the five years since he'd been taken in by the guild - but those around him at the time would note his conspicuous absence. After the events of the realm's rebirth, a confused Killian came out of hiding, ready and willing to help in whatever way he could. He learned quickly, however, to heavily limit his teleportation - a method of travel he'd never needed to use before. Only after the Calamity, when the wounded residents or wrathful elementals within the now-unfamiliar Twelveswood demanded the attention of any available conjurer, was there a pressing need for Killian to teleport. He was nearly lost to the Aetherial Sea after only a few attempts at travelling in this fashion, and it took weeks for him to recover from the experience.

The following years he spent helping and healing only in Gridania and the immediate vicinity thereof; Killian never ventured too far out into the Shroud. Finally learning to communicate with relative effectiveness, and coming to a better understanding regarding the circumstances of his birth, the redhead began to study the specifics of maternal care and childbirth, hoping to become a doctor in the field and prevent anymore families from the kind of tragedy he - and his mother - suffered. Gridania's daily routine recovered and settled into an easier pattern as the years passed, and Killian's life became slow and relatively peaceful, his efforts turned toward eking out a humble and quiet existence.


[Spoilers ahead, discovered over the course of RP. Read at your own risk. Please be mindful of metagaming with the knowledge learned here. Not all of it is common knowledge. If you're unsure about something a character may or may not know, contact me before proceeding.]

Joining House de Bayle

Only recently has Killian's life begun to meet much in the way of complication, with brief forays into Ul'dah or Coerthas or deeper into the Shroud. After getting lost in the deserts of Southern Thanalan, he'd just as soon never return to the area. Nor is he particularly keen on travelling with guides he's unfamiliar with following a recent string of people who left him behind in unknown territory. Killian has few friends, but new employment, working as a healer for a minor noble Ishgardian family, House de Bayle.

As time passes in service to the house, Killian's generally cheerful demeanor has faded in lieu of quiet sadness. His first mission on the field for House de Bayle ended in resounding failure, with the Midlander attacking his own allies in a fit of hysterics. He criticizes himself harshly, blaming the mission's failure on his own unreliability and ineffectiveness as a healer. It's clear that Killian still carries this burden, even weeks later. Regardless of his comrades' well-meaning words - though Killian often allows them without argument - the redhead holds a persistent belief that he's simply not good enough in his current state to be of use to the noble house, and has begun making strides toward changing himself in whatever way he must in order to keep from letting them down again...regardless of how realistic his goals are or how he personally feels about the person he believes he must become.

The Hunt for Guillemont

As weeks turn into moons, Killian finds himself in the midst of a world of firsts. From first love to first kill, the changes to his lifestyle have been many and overwhelming. Among these was a series of missions to hunt for Guillemont de Bayle - the rogue, morally ambiguous lord of the lesser noble house who disappeared some moons ago. Killian knows very little of the man, but serves as one of the house's only healers, and as such felt an obligation to the family to accompany them on their hunt.

Each of these missions has been trying to the extreme. Painful, horrific, and emotionally damaging, they have regularly succeeded in pushing the limits of what Killian can handle. Starting with initial information on a cult with which Guillemont had some manner of relations with, Killian accompanied several members of House de Bayle on a mission to infiltrate a brothel, where "workers" utilized the power of void magic to implant suggestions into the minds of their prey with the intention of distracting and separating them. Culminating in a fight against one of the cultist leaders and her minions, their infiltration lead to Killian killing two of their members (nearly killing Hestia de Bayle - his lover and now wife - as well). Though this was a difficult event for him, it would be nowhere near as difficult as the mission that followed.

The leads from the now-destroyed brothel took the team to Gyr Abania through teleportation - a particularly difficult means of travel for Killian as it stands. Already weakened thanks to this, his state of health only declined as the party traveled toward an abandoned temple drained of the precious aether he needed to survive, making his recovery almost impossible. Dozens of cultists and several more of the cult leaders gathered within the temple, and it was here where Guillemont first made his appearance. Killian remembers very little of this and what happened thereafter, however. A mindflayer appeared to force the party to experience horrific visions - memories belonging to the lord of House de Bayle. Visions that Killian, afflicted with congenital blindness, couldn't hope to comprehend. Weakened, sick, and overwhelmed with sensory overload after being forced to experience the horrible scenes from Guillemont's memory, Killian simply snapped, entering into a catatonic stupor that lasted well into the next sun before Hestia and her wyvern companion, Nogelle, were able to rouse him.

The mission was crippling for morale, and not just for Killian. Recovery was a slow process, and many of those who were there for the bloody battle at the temple would suffer deep emotional wounds for a long time to come. Even still, Guillemont had escaped with some of the cultists, and the party had no choice but to continue their search. Following the trail of those who escaped - once again forced to teleport in order to arrive - they came upon a cavern occupied by still more cultists and guarded by dullahans. After helping to take care of the latter, an emergency request for aid drew Killian and several others back to the estate to ward off an attack at home. Though they were successful in eliminating the cultists there, the party wasn't able to make it back before the cultists had done their fair share of damage to the estate, and several of the guard and staff were killed. Guillemont was ultimately captured by the team who stayed behind and held prisoner within the estate until House de Bayle's Grand-Mage could rid the man of voidsent influence. He has been subsequently released under guard, though that didn't stop him from outright slapping Killian when the Elezen felt insulted. Needless to say, the ending to this story was not a particularly happy one for Killian, and it never improved: Guillemont was declared dead some moons after his recovery.

A New Era

Killian is, by many standards, particularly young for being so skilled in the field of healing, but no less dedicated to his craft. Much of his time and study went toward prenatal and maternal care with the hope that he can help prevent what happened to him and his mother from happening to future mothers and children. And though he often helped with treating expectant mothers or newborn children, it was only after his employment under House de Bayle that he was able to put those skills to use as the lead physician. Viscountess Carina de Bayle was close to term and wanted to give birth within the walls of Ishgard, offering many members of the family a welcome break from the horrors experienced on their hunt for the wayward lord. She personally asked Killian to take charge of preparations and assist in the birth - pleased with his knowledge, if not with his experience. Honored by this request, Killian happily agreed, and although the trip to Ishgard was stressful and upsetting to him, they eventually managed to settle themselves there for the next couple weeks.

Those weeks were not easy on Carina, but Killian never seemed to notice her wild moods, nor did he mind her ravenous appetite. He was happy enough to tend to her needs as her relationship improved with Hestia, particularly enjoying cooking for them both and sharing dinner every evening. Would that their stay in Ishgard was entirely uneventful. Killian and Hestia happily enjoyed themselves for a week or so - barring Carina's impish tricks - before they were called away to help with capturing Guillemont. This was, fortunately, the only interruption to an otherwise peaceful trip. A few suns after the attack on the de Bayle estate, Carina was due to give birth. With much of the immediate family and friends gathered in her room, Killian helped to deliver Aegisan Corbin de Bayle II. The happy event was, fortunately, uncomplicated, with Aegisan and Carina both perfectly healthy. Although an argument between Killian and Hestia interrupted the peace of the next few suns there, they found their resolution and eventually returned home with Carina, Aegisan, and the rest of the family to pick up where they left off with their lives.

The Waltz Legacy

Killian's progressing relationship with Hestia de Bayle comes with more than its fair share of problems, and has since before he began to court her - when he was caught kissing her by her one-time fiancé. Though they didn't have it easy in the following moons, as their relationship developed into something more serious, the couple began looking toward the future. Questions of marriage and family arose, and the latter left them wondering if it was even possible to have children. With both of their respective illnesses, neither of them wanted to risk the potential of their children suffering the way they had. And while the cause of Hestia's illness could be pinpointed and dealt with, the pair had no such information on the issues that plagued Killian, nor whether or not they would be passed down onto his offspring. And so, they sought out their one lead that might guide them to answers - however unlikely it might be - Killian's mother.

Killian already had her name - Áine Waltz - but precious little information about her aside from that. Only a chance meeting with his half-sister some moons past gave him any further insight onto who his mother might be or where she was from - the one blessing from the otherwise entirely unpleasant experience that was speaking with his elder sister for the first and only time. All he knew then was that Áine was Ishgardian. Nothing about whether she was noble or lowborn, whether she was married or not, or even if she'd had other children. It wasn't much, but it was something, at least, and that was better than nothing.

Hestia took the first step in inquiring about the woman through House Fortemps. Their search yielded limited results, given the twenty-some years that have passed since Áine's death, but they were given a letter with which they might be granted an audience with the other high houses. Upon reaching House Durendaire, Hestia and Killian were supplied with a wealth of information about the mysterious woman who'd left the Holy See some thirty years past - "or closer to than twenty," as a baron named Cereveaux described to them. "A rather insistent, particularly ambitious young woman," he said, "who managed to claw her way out of the Brume. Somehow." A charismatic, educated woman with a tall ambition, a keen sense for politics, and a love of history and scholarly pursuit with a particular focus on Ishgardian astrology. A woman of milky skin, dusted with freckles, bright blue eyes, fiery hair that draped in curls down past her shoulders and a slender, womanly frame. One that she knew how to use, if Cereveaux's description held any merit - once Áine had climbed the social ladder, she had plenty of suitors to choose from. She was removed from service to House Durendaire after a one-time fling left her pregnant with a bastard child. The last Cereveaux had known, she'd had the child within the city walls and left it at an orphanage to pursue her studies under a new, lesser house - House Garnier - at the Observatorium, presumably where she would focus on astrology.

With promises of delivering whatever he could about Áine to Fortemps so that Killian and Hestia might learn more, the baron bade them goodnight with little else in the way of information. Only some weeks later, well after Guillemont's capture and Aegisan's birth, did those records finally make their way to the now-engaged couple. The information within spoke more to Áine's past: her history of social networking, her ambitious and forward-thinking demeanor, her silver-tongued nature that could get her out of most trouble. Her medical records were scant, as were those of her firstborn, but neither suggested any health issues, leaving Killian only more confused about the origin and nature of his own illnesses.

At a loss, Hestia and Killian - now married - visited the Observatorium in an attempt at finding anyone from House Garnier that might still live in the small settlement. They were fortunate in finding a middle-aged Elezen woman named Olivie Garnier who, apparently, knew Áine personally, but Olivie knew nothing about any lover or even a child of Áine's. According to the woman, Áine left for Mor Dhona some five or ten years after moving to the Observatorium to study Silvertear Lake with a small expedition team. None from the team were heard from again, presumed dead after the Battle of Silvertear Skies decimated much of Mor Dhona's landscape. With the knowledge that other members of the original expedition team might have survived the battle, Olivie promised to send out her own men to seek out information on anyone originally thought dead, offering to pass on what information she might find to Hestia and Killian before sending them on their way.

It was Hestia who chose to explore the lead in Mor Dhona, however thin that thread might be. As such, Killian knows little about the search, except that it took quite some time before she stumbled, quite by happenstance, on one of the men sent by Olivie on his own search - Évariste Garnier. Opting to work together to follow the trail of an old hermit rumored to have survived both the Battle of Silvertear Skies and the Calamity, the pair made their way north to a crystalline cave where the man was said to reside. Their search was rewarded, somewhat, with information, but the crazed Elezen tried to capture them, and Hestia was forced to slay him.

What they learned was of mixed worth. The man was apparently part of the expedition originally sent to Mor Dhona, and supplied them with the knowledge that Áine had been captured some time before the battle by Garlean forces. The timeline of Killian's birth suggests that he must have been sired during her capture, assuming she was in Mor Dhona for the notorious battle there. Aside from that, she was presumed dead; the crazed man had nothing else by way of information as far as Áine's whereabouts.

Évariste was, however, able to find a dilapidated journal, and after several days of careful attempts at copying what could still be read, he personally delivered the information to Hestia. The copy contained more of the same information, but, struck with the hope for more, Hestia turned to the de Bayle librarian, Quarcy Questant, in hopes that the Elezen would be able to restore the old journal. As this discussion progressed, it turned into a plan: infiltrate Castrum Centri in search of pre-Calamity records on Garlean prisoners and personnel. It was this risky mission that yielded the most information, both on Killian's mother...and his father.

His father: Cyrus lux Merulus. One of the chief medical personnel and leader of a team of researchers in the area. After Áine's difficulty recovering from injuries sustained after her capture, Cyrus personally oversaw her recovery and conscription into his team. She became Áine aan Vestoria, and the two shared...some kind of bond. Love, or mutual interest, or something else entirely was left unclear; what they discovered only suggested that Cyrus - a pure-blooded Garlean - was the father, with a clean bill of health...and that Áine was pregnant with not one child, but two. Twins. A sister. Yet with no name to go by - nor even knowledge of whether or not she's alive, or afflicted by the same problems as Killian - there seems to be little hope of finding more information about her. His strongest lead to learning more about his family seems to be in seeking out his father, currently stationed in Castrum Centri...but given the risk that entails, when Killian's initial goal - to find out if it's safe for him to sire a child - has been reached already, makes this endeavor one to ponder long and hard before proceeding.


Business Partnership
Out of Contact


Killian grew up as an orphan passed around from home to home, and only recently married into a larger Ishgardian family. Most of what he knows about his blood relatives came from piecemeal knowledge obtained growing up. For the time being, he keeps the de Bayles at arm's length, still finding the idea of having a family difficult to come to terms with.

Aegisan de Bayle II ( ) - Brother-in-Law
Late into her pregnancy, Viscountess Carina de Bayle asked Killian to deliver her child when it was time, and oversee her well-being in the interim. He was honored, of course; he'd studied pre- and post-natal care, but he'd never been allowed to personally tend to a mother as she was giving birth. And so he was there alongside friends and family to help Carina give birth to the boy who would be known as Aegisan de Bayle, second of his name. A well-mannered baby, and one whom Killian has taken a liking to, Aegisan already shows some magical potential, and is easily calmed by displays of conjury - something Killian is all to happy to show off for the little lord. He visits Aegisan often to babysit or check up with his health as well as Carina's, as the two are so rarely separated. Now that the child has seen a few moons, however, Killian's visits are rarer, save for when he and Hestia are asked to babysit.
Áine Waltz ( ) - Mother
The people of Gridania could offer Killian little in the way of information about his mother. The bright-haired Midlander woman wasn't a Gridanian native when she appeared at the aetheryte plaza on the brink of death, heavy with child. She died in the process of giving birth, leaving Killian with a name, but no idea of his heritage. Only after meeting his older half-sister, native to the Brume, did he learn that Áine was Ishgardian - or at least that she had ties to the isolated city.

On a mission to learn about his heritage and the legacy Áine left behind, Killian went to Ishgard in search of information, where he discovered much more. Fair-skinned, freckle-faced, with curly red hair and clear blue eyes, Áine was by all accounts something of a gem in the rough that was the Brume. She had high ambitions, working hard to climb the social ladder until she'd ingratiated herself with (or seduced her way into) House Durendaire, where she lobbied hard for funding on various research projects...until she was removed from service after being caught in an intimate relationship with the wrong man. The same man - Aristide - took pity on Áine's new station and reassigned her to work under a lesser house of Durendaire in the Observatorium, where she might pursue her latest interest in Ishgardian astrology. With nearly thirty turns between Áine's departure from Ishgard and Killian's search for information, finding any other leads on her one-time path - aside from the name of the house she served after Durendaire - has been particularly difficult.

A long, cold trail eventually leads Killian to discover that Áine became a conscript of Garlemald, possibly turning her back altogether on her homeland to start a family with the man who helped her recover from her injuries when she was captured.

Armont de Bayle ( ) - Father-in-Law
Hestia's father and the Viscount of House de Bayle, Armont initially made Killian nervous whenever the Midlander found himself in the imposing man's presence. He's often described as cold and intense, but Killian has yet to witness this side of him. The face Armont presents is that of a man who loves his daughter; a man who's level-headed and reasonable, who listens carefully rather than acting zealously without understanding of a situation. Killian was ecstatic when the Viscount offered him his blessing to wed Hestia, and the Elezen has only earned more of Killian's respect in subsequent interactions.
Astrelle de Bayle ( ) - Aunt-in-Law
Killian finds Astrelle to be a kind and calm woman, much more reserved than many other members of the de Bayle family. Indeed, her presence comes as something of a relief to Killian - a bastion of calm in the otherwise hectic chaos that often surrounds the noble house. Oblivious to the aloof and politely disinterested way she carries herself, he enjoys spending time with her and her peaceful influence. She works as an engineer with an interest in airships, and Killian once offered her a novice book on engineering with the hope that she might one day help him translate it and teach him something about the field in so doing.


At Hestia's request, Astrelle built an unusual typewriter specifically for writing in a special, textured language suitable for the visually-impaired, much to Killian's delight.
[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] As a wedding gift for Hestia and Killian, Astrelle offered a bottle of well-made, vintage red wine.

Carina de Bayle ( ) - Mother-in-Law
Known to the ever-polite Killian as Viscountess de Bayle, Carina was introduced to Killian when Hestia first sought the latter out for a potential employment opportunity. Like Hestia, Carina treated Killian with nothing but respect and hope for a successful partnership, even arranging for an apartment for him to stay at Hestia's request. He finds her to be a curious woman, with a curious companion, and hopes to learn much from her regarding the alchemical sciences. In the time since first meeting her, Killian has become somewhat more cautious of Carina's manipulative ways; she has on more than one occasion deliberately upset or mislead him in an effort to obtain information. He's never quite sure of his standing with her, but for the moment they seem to be on good terms.


[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] Carina gifted Hestia and Killian with an unusual potion of unknown effect, as well as a recipe for Killian to craft his own should he ever wish to.

Cyrus lux Merulus ( ) - Father
Killian's father. A pureblooded Garlean "chief medicus." Currently stationed at Castrum Centri, and unaware of Killian's existence. Other than that, very little is known about him. Old records suggest he met Áine after she was captured by Garlean forces in Mor Dhona before the Battle of Silvertear Skies. He oversaw her recovery, then conscripted her to work with his research team. Whether their relationship was born of love or some other reason remains, perhaps, to be seen.
Denz de Bayle ( ) - Uncle-in-Law
One of several people Killian has met as a result of being recruited to work for House de Bayle, Denz is something of an enigma to Killian. His relationship with Hestia seems rocky at best, not at all like what Killian expects of family. By contrast, Denz has generally seemed rather tolerant of Killian, acting - perhaps unintentionally - like something of an older brother. He often humors Killian's odd quirks and questions, much to the redhead's appreciation, but Killian was left unsure of his feelings about Denz after the latter took Hikari under his wing, sending her down an uncertain path. However, in learning that he lacked a best man at his eternal bonding, Denz took it upon himself to speak on Killian's behalf, re-earning some measure of favor.
Guillemont de Bayle ( ) - Uncle-in-Law
The lost and found lord of House de Bayle was at a disadvantage with Killian to begin with; before his departure, he insulted and threatened to kill Killian's one-time lover, Shria. And after his violent return - after the deaths of civilians and the emotional and physical pain his friends and family suffered at the hands of the cult he joined - Guillemont insulted Hestia and backhanded Killian, placing him firmly on the list of people Killian dislikes. In fact, Guillemont might just top that list as one of the only people the normally forgiving man has ever claimed to hate. Their relationship never improved, and the news that Guillemont was later found dead was met by Killian with grim indifference.
Hestia de Bayle ( ) - Wife
Hestia is a contradiction: kind but stern, warm but cold, caring but not expressive. None of that apparently matters to Killian, who doesn't seem to notice her cool demeanor at all. They met when Hestia (known to him at the time as Adelise) approached Killian with the opportunity for work - a rarity for him - and the half-Elezen, half-Hyur woman seems to have taken it upon herself to see Killian thrive where many others have written him off. He knows her as a patient and understanding woman with a strong devotion to the Twelve (Halone in particular) and unique way of looking at the world that is at odds with most others. He fell in love with her when she was engaged to another man - a noble lord, no less - Siovant Gascogne. Despite having his affection for Hestia turned away on more than one occasion, Killian found himself unable to keep his distance. His feelings for her culminated in an ill-fated kiss, which snowballed into the annulment of Hestia's engagement and Siovant's departure. Nymeia smiled on Killian, however, and now - moons later, despite the rocky and difficult nature of their relationship - he and Hestia married the 29th Sun of the Second Astral Moon. They raise a pair of dogs together named Summer and Mercy, and a cat named Petra.


Before Killian became Hestia's suitor in any official capacity, she gifted him with a vase of flowers enchanted to never wilt.
Also before the time of their courtship, Hestia gave Killian a Kojin plush toy as a souvenir she bought from her trip to Kugane.
[Starlight (2017)] Hestia gifted Killian a weighted, patchwork quilt hand-made from various furs. It gives him comfort during times of stress, and he can often be found wrapped up in it and hiding in a corner when he's upset or overwhelmed. It's well-made, if somewhat roughly put together and thus not necessarily "sightly."
When Killian lost his cane during a mission, Hestia commissioned a new one made from walnut wood, with a jade stone set near the grip. He relies on this as a focus for magic and as a guide through unfamiliar territory.
Hestia acquired the plans for and commissioned Astrelle de Bayle for help with building a special typewriter that allows Killian to write in his tactile language far more efficiently than with a slate and awl.
[Nameday (2018): 3rd Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon] For his first Nameday celebration, Hestia crafted Killian a ceramic mug with pressed sprigs of lavender sealed onto its surface, enchanted to resist breaking. Tactile writing also marks the mug, spelling out a short poem:
The warmth to my day
Cool rain to my flame
More than words
Clearer than vision
There is you and I
For as long as forever may be.

????? ????? ( ) - Sister
A twin sister Killian only learned about in years-old records. Nothing is known about her at this point - not even her name.
Scarlett Thatcher ( ) - Half-Sister
Killian met Scarlett for the first time when he found her banging angrily at his apartment door, and their relationship has not improved since then. Finding out he had a sibling was enough of a shock; finding out that sibling seems to derive some sort of enjoyment out of seeing Killian miserable was enough for him to hope that he'll never meet her again. All he knows about Scarlett is that they apparently shared the same Ishgardian mother, and that Scarlett was left behind in an orphanage there to be adopted by the Thatcher family.


Though Killian is generally friendly and overly-trusting toward everyone he meets, there are few people he considers a friend - people he would hate to lose, but with whom he's willing to be more open, regardless.

Alexandre Belliard ( )
Killian didn't know Alex for very long - the man did not stay long in employment to House de Bayle. An elderly knight of the Brume, the man speaks with a thick accent and has an odd sense of humor, but almost instantly took up a sort of fatherly role to Killian, who grew up an orphan and lacked such a figure in his life. Killian quickly took a liking to the man, in spite of Alex's overbearing drive to make sure he stays safe from mundane things like running into walls or falling into ditches. Killian completely believes some very far-fetched stories thanks to Alex's unusual colloquialisms and eagerness to play on his gullibility rather than explain the proper meaning to any given turn of phrase. Alex once served as something of a mentor to Killian, teaching the young Hyur to wield a sword in proper well as trying to pass on such social tricks as joking and use of metaphor. But the pair hasn't met in quite some time, and with Alex's departure from the service of House de Bayle, it's unlikely that they will again anytime soon.


Alex gifted Killian with an old, blunted sword that's already seen its fair share of use. It was originally designed for an Elezen, and is thus closer to a hand-and-a-half blade for the Hyur, but works for its intended purpose as a training weapon.

Cinnabar Prentice ( )
Cinnabar, or "Cinna" as many people call her, first met Killian in the de Bayle bakery, where he meets many of his new acquaintances. His first impression of her was that she was shy and nervous, despite being incredibly tall and a capable fighter. She spoke haltingly with soft words, startled by everyone who approached her. She has a kind demeanor, though, if somewhat self-deprecating, and Killian finds her agreeable enough to spend time with. With all the beds in the barracks currently occupied, Cinnabar occasionally makes use of one of the beds in Killian's infirmary to spend her nights.


[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] Cinnabar offered Hestia and Killian stuffed plushies in their "likeness" - a fierce eggplant knight and a worried onion prince - as wedding gifts. The newly-weds loved the gifts and named them Adelise and Waltz, respectively.

Gerel of Kha ( )
A Xaela traveler who seems kind and wise beyond her years. He's only met her a handful of times, but she offered him a sense of motherly kindness he doesn't usually see in people...especially not directed to him. After a long absence in which Killian became certain he'd never meet with her again, Gerel ran into him quite by chance at a magic shop in the Lavender Beds where he sold his wares. The meeting after such a long separation has given Killian much to think about in regards to his definition of friendship, as the woman clearly considered them friends in spite of their distance and lack of contact.


When they first met, Gerel offered Killian a book of sea-faring adventures written in a language he could read. Having never met anyone to show him such kindness, Killian treasured this book (and still does!) well after they parted, and often carries it with him.
Gerel gifted Killian with another book - this time on Othardian history and folklore - upon meeting him after a long period of absence. According to her, she'd had it translated after meeting with him last, and kept it with her on the off chance she might one day meet him again.
[Nameday (2018): 3rd Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon] Gerel offered two more books to add to Killian's growing library: Teas of Time: Othard's Secrets and Ageless Allegories: Folktales of the Fallen. In addition, she brought him a personal linkpearl to keep in contact with her, as well as two varieties of tea - one straight from Othard, the other Suutei Tsai, also known as Steppe tea.
Lawrence Wallace ( )
It was difficult to get an idea of the kind of man 'Law' was when Killian first met him, and even now, the Killian doesn't quite understand the elezen and his motives. Law once swore to Killian - before they even really knew each other - that he would protect the redheaded Hyur. And so he has, watching and even helping as Killian works to better himself. It became apparent that, like Killian, Law spends much of his time working for the benefit of others, often at the expense of himself, pushing well past reasonable limits in so doing. Because of this, Killian secretly sees the down-to-earth man as someone to look up to (metaphorically speaking, of course), even as he urges Law to rest and allow others to help. Yet even Law's resilience was shaken in the face of both witnessing and hearing of Killian's repeated fits of uncontrolled rage, and he seems to have lost his faith in the young Midlander, demanding that Killian be stripped of his weapon and calling him an unpredictable danger to others. Although he didn't outright leave him as many others have, Law's words cut deeply, shaking Killian's confidence to the core; even now, he's still trying to recover from the harsh words of his friend.


Upon learning that Killian wished to become a capable fighter, Law commissioned a suit of armor fitted for the occasion. Although he seems to have abandoned that dream in the face of following conversations, Killian still treasures the gift.
[Nameday (2018): 3rd Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon] Seeking out a proficient translator, Law commissioned two books to be transcribed into a language Killian can read. One is a study of elements in magic from Thavnair, and the other is a collective recounting of ancient magicks from all over the world.

Killian met Quincy during a flurry of activity in House de Bayle's bakery. He quickly learned that he shares peculiar similarities with the Brume-born boy - one that he's never shared with anyone else. With an obsession for cleanliness Killian's never found in others, Quincy is something of a kindred spirit in that regard, and Killian finds joy in helping the younger boy with familiar struggles. They seem to be forming a quick bond with each other, even testing out the waters of friendship despite their fears of everyone leaving and good things coming to an end. To prepare Quincy for his new job translating for House de Bayle, Killian has started visiting on occasion to personally teach his tactile method of writing and reading, as well as offering lessons on spellcasting to teach the younger boy to defend himself.


Still in the early stages of learning to write in a tactile language, Quincy offered Killian a few transcribed short stories both as a gift for his nameday, and as practice to better learn the language.

Shria of Dazkar ( )
A Xaela witch who once insisted on following Killian around. Shria met Killian in passing, but quickly took an interest in him and his well-being. They argued often - Shria is willful, and doesn't like how easily Killian allows people to take advantage of him - but she offered constant reassurance that she wouldn't leave his side the way most others do. She upset him just as much as he apparently did her, especially after she left him in a rather violent manner despite her promises to stay. He often found himself confused around her, and he was terrified of hurting her...although that fear isn't limited to Shria - Killian hates the thought of hurting people rather than helping them. He tried to give her a chance when she returned to confess her love for him, but their relationship was complicated and short-lived, leaving them both heartbroken. While time has since eased the sting of his wounds, Killian hasn't met with Shria since she left; it would appear that once she arrived back in the Steppe, she never looked back at the life she stepped away from.


Before leaving, Shria left Killian with a variety of herbs and other ingredients with which he could make tea in the style of the Xaela.


Most of the people Killian meets never make it past a distant acquaintance, often proving his theory that "everyone leaves."

Aedida Aldricht ( )
Killian first met Aedida quite by accident while stopping to admire the Gold Court fountain of Ul'dah. The pair quickly discovered a few shared common interests, and he left her with his bag of medical supplies - potions and potables he carries with him for sale by commission - to give to the less fortunate, with whom she was more familiar. After returning to retrieve his bag (which had been filled with trinkets and preserved food traded by the locals in thanks), Killian discussed with Aedida the possibility of a partnership - both as a representative of his house, in need of those with medical training, and from a personal point of view, as someone who can offer supplies to a woman more familiar with how best to use them. Hestia was quick to dislike the woman upon hearing about her, but - surprisingly - the two now seem much closer to each other than Killian is with Aedida. Killian is pleased with himself for unintentionally bringing about this budding friendship, though that friendship hasn't given the chance for him to meet more often with Aedida thus far, contrary to what one might think. Even still, Killian believes that Hestia has more need for friends and contacts than he does, and he's happy enough that Aedida can fill such a place for her.


[Nameday (2018): 3rd Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon] Aedida gifted Killian with several handmade gifts: first, a letter of thanks, in a spelled out, uncontracted version of the tactile language Killian uses to read, as she's still a novice in the language. Next, a tactile map to guide Killian from Ul'dah to the Wandering Hope - the headquarters of Aedida's adventuring company - complete with written descriptions of scents and sounds he's likely to find along the way. Last, a short folktale in poetry form that she transcribed, originally written by a "Lori" about a Boy and Girl separated by the mountains.

Akito Saejima ( )
Blunt often to the point of offense, Akito initially didn't leave a particularly good first impression on Killian. The far-easterner rarely makes an appearance without his childhood friend, Hikari, and as a result Killian doesn't often meet with him. Akito has, however, taken up a lesson or two in martial arts combat with Killian, earning the latter's appreciation and mending the poor start to their relationship.
While Killian knows very little about Alleria, the woman has been nothing but friendly to him. She serves faithfully as a Knight-Captain under the same noble house he's employed under, acting as a leader of the knights and squires who also serve House de Bayle. As such, they rarely have contact with one another, except when they meet at the family bakery or if she visits his infirmary.
Killian knows little about Augustine except that the Elezen is a former Ishgardian dragonslayer who lost an arm during the Dragonsong War. The only child and heir to his house, Augustine entered into a curious and unusual arrangement in which he is to marry another man - one Silvoix Lefleur - perhaps dooming his house to die with him. Augustine wanders often, searching for history, as he puts it, and carries himself with a kind, polite demeanor in his interactions with Killian. Apparently curious by nature, eager to share his thoughts and stories, and respectful of Killian's disabilities, Augustine quickly found his way into the Hyur's good graces as someone whose company he enjoys.
Bruno Suvois ( )
Killian doesn't know very much about Cassiopeia; Hestia has had more time to get to know the woman than he has. She attended his eternal bonding ceremony and later invited him to go on a tour to Kugane - his first trip into the Far East. She's quirky and talkative, and seems unafraid to take the lead; it's not difficult to imagine that she might have been a "class president" type of woman in a school setting.


[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] Along with her brother Gemini, Cassiopeia offered Hestia and Killian "one half" of a music box that, when played with its partner, makes a different, completed song than what it plays alone.

Cherise Janvier ( )
Cherise is a shy Ishgardian noblewoman with a sweet disposition. Killian enjoys spending time with and learning about her, but she left abruptly the last time they spoke, leaving him with the feeling that he'd somehow offended her. He hasn't met with her since, and assumes that she's moved on with her life the way most people do.
Killian doesn't remember quite when he first met Dalmar, but they've never been particularly close acquaintances. He knows the rogue mostly through his friendship with Hestia, which often leaves Killian spending most of his time trying to understand the colloquialisms Dalmar often employs in his speech. Lately, it would seem that Dalmar has begun amusing himself making fun of Killian in regards to his disabilities or lack of understanding. Obviously taking little enjoyment from such interactions, Killian would rather avoid the man altogether.
Destrey D'joubert ( )
Killian doesn't know or understand Destrey or his work very well. They've only met a few times - starting with a chance meeting at the Quicksand in Ul'dah - but the Elezen has ordered a vast quantity of various kinds of tea for his establishment, which seems to be geared toward easing his clients' troubles. Killian himself has visited this Heart's Ease establishment. Although his visit likely didn't end the way Destrey had intended, Killian nevertheless left on decent terms with the man...who seems to be on a mission to set Killian up with a date. Now that their business deal has come to an end, however, it seems unlikely that they'll meet again.
Elias Thorne ( )
An Ishgardian courier whose family has fallen on hard times, with whom Killian met through Hestia. Elias is cordial and good-natured in spite of his difficult circumstances, and he's shown himself to be a particularly thoughtful individual, much to Killian's delight. After a few meetings, the two have worked out a partnership for supplies to be delivered to Ishgard - volunteered, mostly, on Killian's part, with Elias appropriately paid for his work.
As Gaelle seems to be generally reserved and fairly softspoken, Killian didn't have many opportunities to interact with her until they visited Dravania together to attend Hestia's drachen trials. Only during an altercation with the knight-dragoon Lucius Guiscareaux did Killian form an opinion of her, when she took the vicious knight's side and pinned Killian down, preventing him from being able to attack. He sees little point in trying to repair a relationship with her and doesn't intend to bother for someone he barely knew to begin with. He simply chalks the relationship up to a loss and regards her with purely professional etiquette.
A taciturn young man, and one Killian knows very little about. He shared kind words with Killian and Hestia when attending their eternal bonding ceremony, and will probably be permanently apologetic for a debacle in which Killian's guiding cane was taken from him at an event that Gemini hosted.


Along with his sister Cassiopeia, Gemini offered Hestia and Killian "one half" of a music box that, when played with its partner, makes a different, completed song than what it plays alone.

Hikari Inamoto ( )
There are very few people Killian has ever met who share very many similarities with him - in fact, Hikari is the only one so far. Her method of thought, her desire to help people, her nervous demeanor and disinclination to fight are all characteristics with which Killian can relate. Their similarities helped them to kindle an almost immediate friendship - unusual for him - helping to ease a mutual sense of loneliness born of a feeling of disconnect from most others. When Hikari began to walk a darker path, however, Killian detached himself from her, seeing her choices as simply a different sort of abandonment. He does his best to remain cordial, but has no desire to strengthen their friendship.


[Starlight (2017)] After seeing his reaction to things that are soft to the touch when she offered him a swatch of fur to help calm him, Hikari bought Killian a pair of fluffy brown slippers to wear around the house.
Killian wouldn't be surprised if he left a poor first impression on Jancis upon their first meeting, assigned to a field mission for the Alliance as healers and caretakers. Denz's fiancée - or wife, Killian's not entirely sure - seems to have taken his poor behavior with a grain of salt, offering him succor herself on more than one occasion when he fell ill or injured. He finds her difficult to understand at times, particularly when she falls back as she often does on abstract quotes, but her kind selflessness is endearing to him. While he's frustrated with the fact that she seems to ignore her own health, Killian admires her internal strength. The woman has suffered several grievous internal injuries, but still lives on regardless to fight for the people she loves.


[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] Jancis gifted Hestia and Killian plain oatmeal, explaining its plain nature that can be made into something wonderful with the addition of outside alterations. She likened the food to relationships made wonderful by the people involved.

Because Jebe follows the traditions of his tribe, speaking only through action and motion, it's particularly difficult for someone like Killian to communicate with the Xaela at even a most basic level. He's only had a few interactions with Jebe, who seems - as best as Killian can tell - more or less polite in his dealings with Hestia, with whom he 'speaks' more than he does with Killian.


[Eternal Bonding: 29th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon] Jebe's wedding gift to Hestia and Killian was a large, sealed jar of fermented milk. The world may never know if they actually drank the strange alcoholic beverage.
Jehni Kaiyn ( )
Killian first approached this grouchy Keeper of the Moon with the hope of starting a business partnership in which he would sell supplies to her shop, which she would then flip to customers. She agreed to buy from him, but the relationship soon shifted with an invitation to sell his wares, himself, at her shop rather than through her. Although their partnership was purely professional, they seemed to get along well enough for a time, so it came as a shock when Jehni abruptly and rudely decided she had no place for him there and told him to get out. This obviously brought their relationship to a screeching halt, leaving Killian confused about his standing with her, and unlikely to pursue any attempts at mending whatever had broken.
Lendroit Gatineaux ( )
"Mister Lenny" didn't leave Killian with the most sparkling first impression when they first met, the former engrossed in a vicious argument with one Siovant Gascogne. The Duskwight then expressed his bitterness with the Gridanian-born Killian, much to the latter's confusion. Yet Killian leaped to the man's defense when he admitted to being a bandit, trying to protect him from punishment and offering healing without hesitation the moment he was able, perhaps earning the man's friendship in so doing. Lenny follows Hestia as a self-proclaimed "loyal hound," and Killian finds himself wanting to be of help to this former Redbelly bandit in spite of their rocky relationship. For whatever reason, Killian felt close to Lenny. The Duskwight found himself amongst the few people Killian called friends. So it came as a surprise when Lenny left without so much as a word to Killian - only telling Hestia to "give Killian a hug for me" in a parting letter to her. While this isn't entirely unfamiliar to Killian with nearly everyone else he's ever associated with, he takes Lenny's 'abandonment' particularly hard, feeling disinclined as a result to make any other friends for fear of the same sort of abandonment. His heart aches less with the passage of time, but Killian still holds firm in his desire to avoid forming bonds of friendship thanks to the Elezen's abrupt departure.


[Starlight (2017)] In order for Killian to be able to share his gift with Hestia on Starlight, Lenny gifted Killian with a lyre with which he might teach the Hyur to play music. Unfortunately, Killian only learned to play the one song before Lenny took his leave.

For much of his time around Killian, Lucius was often surrounded by other, more familiar faces, leaving Killian few opportunities to learn about the generally quiet man. Some few interactions alone, or in smaller groups, however, gave Killian some insight that, in retrospect, he would rather have gone without. Lucius is sullen, grumpy, often quiet, with a self-proclaimed love of violence. His ideals - the feeling that he's not himself unless he's participating in an act of violence - are completely contrary to Killian's, leaving the two at odds.

His dislike for the Ishgardian knight-dragoon has developed into full-on hatred after the man poisoned Killian's fiancée under the pretense of a trial for her own knighthood. Killian wants nothing to do with the man - and has, indeed, even attacked him outright after the trial nearly killed Hestia. Although moons have passed since these trials, his relationship hasn't and probably won't ever improve with the vicious Elezen, who admitted to crimes Killian feels is worse than even Lord Guillemont - the only other person Killian has ever claimed to hate.

Killian's first impression of Lyriah is that she generally seems like a happy woman - not overly joyous to the point of annoyance, but cheery nonetheless. She's the first woman he's met who prefers romantic companions of the same sex...much to her embarrassment when Killian obliviously questioned her about the subject. He saved her life once after a voidsent-worshiping cult attacked the de Bayle estate, when he stumbled onto the scene of the fight just as a cultist's knife slipped between her ribs. While she doesn't spend much time around the de Bayle estate, Killian can't help but feel a little closer to her after that shared experience, and hopes to learn more about the kind of person she is.



Rageant Lacordaire ( )
Reiko Amatsu ( )
Known to Killian as "Ama," the monotone Raen started as a friend and guide through Ul'dah - his first experience outside of the Shroud. She had a tendency to wander off for long stretches of time, leaving Killian to his own devices, which often resulted in him getting lost or left in the company of people like Valacor. After an uncomfortable situation followed by hostile disrespect, Killian would be happy enough to return to his quiet life in Gridania without her. In his mind, the woman is impossible to work with - moving about when she should be on bed rest, slinging around insults and expletives, even biting Killian hard enough to draw blood after he saved her life. He isn't used to the conflict she seems to come with and has moved on without her.
Silvoix Lefleur ( )
Killian does not get along well with this haughty, better-than-thou Elezen. He's engaged to Augustine Clement and, in Killian's opinion, treats his betrothed poorly, even if the betrothal is only one of political arrangement. Killian found Silvoix even less likeable after insulting Hestia about her lineage. Although they've only met once, the meeting was enough to leave a bad impression on the Hyur, who secretly hopes that Augustine has the opportunity to find someone better.
Siovant Gascogne ( )
Like Lenny, Siovant (sometimes "Your Eminence") did not leave Killian with a good first impression, caught up as he was in his argument with Lenny. He opened his meeting with Killian by insulting him, and their relationship has not improved since then. Killian would be happy enough never to meet with the man again, but he knows that's an impossibility for as long as he remains friends with Hestia - who formerly stood as Siovant's lover. Bitter at the way he's been treated, but forced by his own nature - and by his desire to keep from upsetting Hestia - to remain kind and polite, Killian has apparently determined that the best way to handle Siovant is to just let him do as he pleases without complaint...especially considering how grossly he breached the man's trust, even if he never had it to begin with. They've since taken some steps to repairing their rocky relationship, but it's unlikely to ever progress into a friendship.
Valacor Valinos ( )
Killian barely knows this man; they met at the Quicksand in Ul'dah, but each meeting has been brief, and usually unpleasant. He doesn't like Val at all - the Elezen's womanizing ways doesn't sit well with him, nor do the casual insults Val throws in his direction. Killian also senses something strange about Val, something wrong - but not something he can identify. He hasn't run into the Elezen in some time, and hopes to keep it that way.
This curious Lalafell, Grand-Mage Mortem of House de Bayle, is quickly becoming something of a mentor to Killian after a chance meeting at the de Bayle estate. Killian sees him as knowledgeable and interesting, if a little pretentious. He eagerly agreed to Vevekera's offer for lessons in the science of Arcanima, especially after learning about the Lalafell's own blindness. It would seem that Vevekera hopes to help Killian overcome both his blindness and the long-term illness that has plagued him since birth. To Killian, this is an act of kindness that few have offered and none yet have been able to see done.


   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Above all else, Killian excels at healing and elemental manipulation in the form of conjury. He spent most of his life studying under the conjurers of Gridania with unusual affinity for and sensitivity to aether and the way it flows around him. He's best at healing in a clinic or otherwise off the field of battle, although recently he's gotten some experience tending to the injured under more strenuous circumstances. Where his conjury isn't sufficient, Killian usually carries around medical supplies of a more mundane nature. He almost always wears clothes with a myriad pockets sewn in, and as a result seems to have an endless supply of various potions, salves, bandages, herbs, and whatever else he might need in a medical kit on the go.

While he's clearly mastered the art of conjury and healing, his physical ability to fight leaves much to be desired. He's clumsy and slow to respond, and while he's quite a bit stronger than one might expect, he has a hard time putting that strength to use in combat, with no weapons training to speak of. Killian is also quick to panic when confronted with particularly stressful or unexpected situations, which often occur during the course of battle.

His perception in battle can be either surprisingly good or terribly bad, and whatever it is that sets him at either extreme seems arbitrary. He often has difficulty identifying oncoming foes, even accounting for his sensitivity to the movement of aether, which theoretically allows him some measure of accuracy in detecting the location of a given individual. In truth, Killian has a one-track mind with singular focus, and whether or not he perceives what's going on around him depends on whether that focus is turned toward paying attention to his surroundings. Once he's set his focus on something, he tends to follow it with stubborn determination, which can either be to his advantage or to his detriment.

While Killian is often seen as kind and friendly, experience dictates that it's usually not a wise decision to entrust difficult, high-stress situations to him. His ability to communicate leaves much to be desired, and he's more likely to incite a potential foe to violence than he is to manage a more diplomatic approach, in spite of his best efforts to the contrary. He's also either incredibly lucky or incredibly unlucky in that he often finds himself in bad situations, but somehow manages to pull through them completely uninjured more often than not.


The following items are things that this Killian tends to carry on his person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets and those who might be watching him closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, but feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Eternal Bonding Ring
A bright silver band with rubies set in a vertical line, just offset from the center. Etched along the inside of the band are the symbols of the Twelve.
Walnut Cane
A cane made from dark walnut wood, smooth and gleaming with fresh polish. It's clearly of quality make, with a jade focus set near the grip. The stone glows when it's used for conjury. The cane was a gift from Hestia de Bayle when Killian lost his previous cane on a mission.
Orbis Stone
A smooth, white stone carved and polished in the shape of an arrowhead. When held with the point facing forward, the stone vibrates when the way ahead is clear. Normally used on ships to traverse foggy waters, or when traveling at night. Given to Killian by a strange "Mister Skyborn" on a tour of Kugane.
Leather Grimoire Icon.png
Unmarked Leather-Bound Book
This large, curious book is completely plain and unmarked, with pages that are heavier and more stiff than standard parchment. They appear blank aside from a strange, textured pattern along their surface. A gift from a Xaela woman, Gerel of Kha, who met Killian only once or twice in Ul'dah.
Lavender Icon.png
A Collection of Herbs and Flowers
Generally medicinal in nature, and probably the source of the herbal scent that always follows Killian around, his collection of herbs is usually kept in small bundles or jars tucked away in his pockets.
Potion Icon.png
A Collection of Various Potions
Yet another addition to Killian's mundane medicinal collection, he keeps a variety of potions and tonics meant for anything from healing wounds to restoring one's aetherical reserves.
Iron-trimmed Sack Icon.png
Too Many Pockets
Killian always wanders around with a collection of pockets, pouches, and packs, all full of various knick-knacks, including the objects listed above.
Pince-nez Icon.png
Dark-tinted Spectacles
A pair of darkly-tinted glasses that Killian sometimes wears when he's out in public to hide or protect his eyes from bright light.
KW Rumors.png

    "Poor soul what's blind. I dunno 'ow 'e gets around."
    "Always seems happy, no matter what happens. Must be nice."
    "You seen his eyes? Looks like the dead's starin' through 'em."
    "He's good with magic, aye, but he's not very bright. Real simple-minded, like a child sometimes."


    "He's not no Midlander. I dunno what he is. Something devilish. Born outta aether, not no mam's womb."
    "I dunno that he's really blind. Have you seen him get around? He looks the part, and acts it, but there are times it seems like he knows where everything is..."
    "Please, 'e's violent. I insist ye force 'im outta 'is room 'fore 'e 'urts someone. I 'ear crashin' at night, like 'e's throwin' furniture around."


    "...[He's] daft as a dodo...made some not-so-great choices. He's...very adamant about helping people, even if they're enemies." — Scarlett Thatcher.
    "You would be hard pressed to find a man as gentle and curious as him. Despite how he might appear, he is a strong man. Far stronger at times than even the likes of me. His world is far different than ours, more beautiful and honest."Hestia de Bayle.
    "In some respect, Killian reminds me of a cactaur. He is friendly and works so hard, but still there are thorns about him, as though to keep others away. I see such sweetness within him, despite the pain he believes he inflicts on others."Carina de Bayle.
    "Kinder than he should be, and more capable than most take him for. He's a good man." — Lawrence Wallace.
    "He ain't dumb, but he ain't too smart none either. He could tell me's all about some aether bullshite or 'is weird li'l concoction's he's been brewin' up, but then he don't know his own backend from the end o' a joke. Reminds me o' me youngest son, if'n I'm honest to ya's." — Alexandre Belliard.




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    Voice Claim
    Domhnall Gleeson

    Bad Love
    Composers: Vice x Caitlyn Scarlett
    Context: First relationship.

    Composers: Jacob Lee
    Context: Self-loathing.
    Composers: Matchbox Twenty
    Context: His love.

    Hold On Forever
    Composers: Matchbox Twenty
    Context: Overcoming hardship with her.


I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. "No"s are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask.

I will play just about anything as long as it's relevant to a well-thought-out plot. Most things from injury, kidnapping, general violence, and sexuality to more lighthearted or slice-of-life topics like casual conversation, bar room hangouts, parties, schooling and lessons are fair game under the right circumstances. I don't mind drama or RP of a darker or morally questionable nature as long as it falls within a reasonably designed plot.

Ask about permanent disfigurement, death, long-term captivity, mental tampering, or anything that might result in a significant change to my character. These things are generally open to discussion but will likely require an exceptionally well-designed plot with solid and believable reasoning before I subject my character to these things (especially death).

I won't play random ERP, alternate-universe stories, and stories that follow difficult-to-believe plots. Stories that bend lore past the ability for me to suspend disbelief and characters who claim close and obvious relationships to major NPCs will likely be considered insane and unreal by my character. Some minor bending of lore is fair (and sometimes expected) and I will happily participate in such stories as long as this bending is within reason.


■ Blind. He doesn't make it readily apparent and doesn't tend to introduce himself as such, but it can serve as a talking point.
■ Excellent healer, and known for willing to help those in need who might not be able to afford paying for medical services.
■ Skilled with alchemy and can often be found making his own potions and poultices.
■ Those who are sensitive to oddities in aether might notice that Killian seems...insubstantial, like a ghost through whom aether passes rather than collecting within.
■ Usually sits alone, but carries himself with a very approachable demeanor.
■ May have some renown in certain circles as he expands his network of business contacts throughout the city-states. Currently has affiliates in Ishgard, Gridania, and Ul'dah.


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