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L'rinhi Kett is an nineteen year old Miqo'te from the Seeker of the Sun clan. She is the only daughter of the late Kett Nuhn and L'raya Rinh'i and sister to L'raha Nunh; the two of them are of the few remaining survivors of the Viper Tribe of the Southern Sagoli Desert. Over the years, she took up conjury and has proven herself as a capable protector and healer in battle. The following years would push her forward as she learns the lessons that life brings and continues to search for the answers that follow.

Ul'dah-transparent.png L'rinhi Kett
Rini by soranamae.jpg
"The heart may break, but it will brokenly live on."
The Devoted
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 19
Height/Weight 4 fulms 11 ilms/128 ponze
Occupation Conjurer/Gold Smith/Weaver
Marital Status Engaged
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Namesday 15th Sun of the Fourth Astral Moon


"I Might Be Young, But I'm Not Stupid"
L'rinhi Kett is a nineteen year old Miqo'te from the Seeker of the Sun clan. She is the only daughter of the late Kett Nuhn and L'raya Rinh'i and sister to L'raha Nunh; the two of them are of the few remaining survivors of the Viper Tribe of the Southern Sagoli Desert. Over the years, she took up conjury and has proven herself as a capable protector and healer. Her and her brother traveled many years throughout the land of Eorzea before finally settling down in Ul'dah. Her passion and desire to help others drove her to form the small company known as The Wayfarers of Eorzea. The company started small only containing four members for the majority of it's infancy until Rini found herself alone in Ul'dah with her friends all traveling to unknown destinations. During her time of solitude, Rini had made plans to further her now almost nonexistent company. With the help of an interested investor, Rini opened Wayfarer's Rest in the Goblet and began to build a refuge for others like herself. In only a few months time, her 'dream' was ready to open and she was also reunited with her brother. As months went by, and the company grew, complications arose that convinced Rini that her company might be better off without her and, thus, she left the company to hopefully better the Wayfarers and to find the spirit in which she had lost. Lately, she has begun to see life in a new way, and certain events has lead her to retain her company once again, rebuilding it to as it was when she treasured it so dearly. Nevertheless, while things might not have gone as she had hoped, she pushes forward with a wounded soul but an impervious spirit.



Cute outfits
Meeting new people
Social interaction


Getting rained on
Large bodies of water
Mean people
Greedy people
Broken promises
Being alone


Triple Triad
Bottomless Stomach
Indomitable Spirit
Adept Conjurer and Hearer
Professional Goldsmith
Seasoned Weaver


Favourite Food/Drink: Cookies and Milk
Favourite Place: The Shroud
Favourite Animal: Moogles
Favourite Color: Red or White


♦ Appearance

"There's a skinny girl inside me dying to get out...But I can usually shut her up with cookies."

Rini as a Lunette by Kousagi

Rini is quite pale for a desert farer, usually found wrapped up in bulky robes or long sleeves. Her hair is naturally snow white, coming down under her jawline and to the nape of her neck when properly kept. Additionally, the tips of her hair are dyed a deep crimson red for as part of a tradition that her tribe followed. Her eyes are a very light green, lustrous in a way, and possibly her most notable feature. As with many of the Kett family, her eyes are still hold the deep shade of green, but, unlike her brother, her eyes carry an iridescent glow that makes them shine brighter than her kin. This has been linked to the amount of aether that she currently possesses. When casting a higher teir of magic, thus burning more Aether, her eyes take on an even brighter glow. However, with her being a Conjurer and drawing from the elements, this is rarely shown.

L'Rinhi Kett by Xenellia
Her face has a soft, rounded shape and her lips are rather plain and only lush on occasion; she abhors makeup and will only wear anything related to it for certain occasions, save for the two tribal markings under her eyes.

She is rather short for a Miqo'te, but this is arguably because of her age. It is interesting to note that her tail is slightly longer than her older brother's and lacks the bushiness due to her grooming. She keeps her hair and fur neat and cut short. She would appear a little "chunkier" then most Miqo'te, but one might ponder if it is the bulky robes worn or all the sweets she consumes. When not wearing robes, she would seem an average build with a few extra pounds around her hips. Rini also has a very distinct and large scar on her chest in the shape of three claws. It starts just above her right breast and cuts at an angle between her bosom. While the wound is healed and the scaring is light, some might still see it from the top of her cleavage. Other than a few small scars here and there, Rini takes care of her body relatively well. She bathes daily and keeps lavender in her clothes after washing to retain the smell. One might also catch a hint of sweets among her presence as well.

♦ Behaviour

Rini was normally always a very
L'rinhi Kett by Braeya Vilheim
energetic, upbeat girl who wandered throughout the world with an ignorant bliss. From her mannerisms to her speech, L'rinhi thinks, acts, and speaks with innocence. Though this wasn't exactly by choice, Rini would see things for what they are, often overlooking and missing inside jokes or innuendos. With a hyperactive personality and blissful ignorance, she could turn from being overly cheerful to dumbstruck and lost with a single comment. Though this is a flaw in many ways, she has never hesitated to help someone in need no matter the problem and tends to try to befriend the most unlikely of candidates.

When she assumed the rank of Matron and began to lead her company, Rini pushed herself to have a more serious and thoughtful persona. While she still held onto her empathetic attitude, she had adapted it into a protective and comforting state. Because of this, Rini tried to act older than she really was and threw weight around that never was entirely there. Though her heart was in the right place, this led to conflicts with others when they suggested a firmer action or questioned her authority. In the end, Rini is still a young, teenage girl.

Throughout the course of time, many of L'rinhi's innocent traits have endured, but that's not to say that time hasn't changed her. The better those around her get to know her, the more some realize she's not as cheerful as she puts on. With the burden of leadership comes the stress and responsibility that is associated with it. This can even go as far as pushing her into a depressive state that leaves her thinking over her choices, both good and bad.

After her departure from her company, and passing leadership to another, Rini has slowly, but surely, began to drift back to her old carefree, 'innocent' state. But even so, the miqo'te has grown, and with every day comes more experience as she wanders into the age of adulthood. But regardless of what omen life brings her, well or ill, it seems that Rini will always be Rini.

♦ Equipment

L'rinhi's equipment varies on a day by day basis. Her casual wear varies from simple tunics and skirts to long robes and armor. There is very rarely a time that she would be found without an earring with a large pearl hanging from her ear; a memento of her mother. Rini's pockets and belt usually contain an assortment of items for her daily life including: Her linkshell, her mother's ring, a coinpurse and sack of herbs attached to her belt, a bottle of water, a bottled elixer, and one can usually find several cookies wrapped in cloth stuffed in her pocket.

Riniherbs.png Riniearring.png Rinistaff.png Rinilinkpearl.png Coinpurse.png Lrayaring.png Rinipot.png Chocolatechipcookie.png Rini'swater.png


The following are just a few outfits that Rini can by found in on occasion.

   Rinibattlemini.png Battle Healer
L'rinhi's Combat Garb
Rini's Battle Healer attire consists of thick, over lapping layers of vanya silk with a metal frame woven into the fabric. This thin metal frame is covered by Thavnairen silk dyed gold, but not all the borderings of this nature conceal part of the frame. Several large, smooth, decorative stones are built into the structure of this metal frame; these stones are actual large pieces of various resistance materias, aiding in the magical defense of the armor. A small, intricate tiara carved out of a chunk of moonstone accompanies the robes. For her hands, a delicate, silk wrapping held together by a round, copper medallion. For her legs, simple, black, linen tights that stretch to form around her figure for easier movement. Her boots are made of a very tough, flexible aldgoat leather; while there is a slight heel in the sole of the boots, the bottom is flat.

Though the dangers of the world are ever changing, and there are far superior outfits as time moves on, L'rinhi has a hard time replacing pieces of her armor with new ones, seeing them in a light that they have become part of her.

  Riniwhitemagemini.png White Mage Robes
L'rinhi in her White Mage Replica Coat
She can occasionally be found wearing robes resembling the ones wore by the Padjal. Though she studied under one for some time during her Conjury training, they were not officially given to her. They were instead crafted by her as an imitation. Rini frequently attempts to re-craft weapons and armors that she reads about or finds in books throughout the world. These robes were no different, crafting not only one but two versions of these robes. Both are crafted out of a mix of vanya silk and waterproof cotton. They have several pockets and pouches crafted into the garment as well as additional pouches on a leather belt that she actually did not craft herself. Unlike her battle robes, these robes offer little protection to physical attacks and are more for everyday use or when she visits the city of Ishgard. Tights are usually worn with the robes to add warmth in cold climates which are accompanied by a pair of knee high, aldgoat leather boots.

As with most of her outfits, Rini retains the intricate tiara carved from moonstone with this outfit as well.

  Riniheartmini.png The Heart of Ul'dah
The Heart of Ul'dah

Named more for a persona than the clothes themselves, this outfit is little more than a Goldsmith's attire. Another outfit she crafted for herself, this was the first project that Rini mixed her skill of Weaving and her passion for Goldsmithing. The result was mediocre, but this has also been Rini's favorite set of clothes to wear during her relations pertaining to her company and her own personal business. As such, her compassion for people and her passion for her work inspired the name. The entire ensemble is crafted with a mix of rose gold, arum regis, griffin leather, and astral silk. The outfit itself is very intricate with a loose fitting robe, baggy pantaloons, heeled sandals, and many ornate accessories crafted from celestine and aurum regis. This is currently the most complimented outfit she has to date.

  Riniweavermini.png Weaver garb
Slightly based on Doman culture, Rini designed the outfit to be elegant, professional, and, most importantly, comfortable to work her craft in while also looking acceptable to wear on social occasions. Crafted from astral silk and chimerical felt, this occupational dress also serves as formal lounge wear with few domestic draw backs. For combat or dangerous situations however, the robes are completely devoid of any hard metals or frames and offers very little protection to physical harm.
  Rinitunicmini.png Rini's Tunic

Rini's go to outfit on most casual occasions, this set of clothes is actually the undergarments to her combat robes. When removing the jacket, one will find a cotton and silk long sleeved shirt with a sash underneath. While a simple dress, this is what most will find Rini running around the city in when she just doesn't feel like dressing up or is ready to throw on her coat and lace up to go out on an adventure.

  Rinitabardmini.png Expedition Gear

A set that Rini wears on occasion when traveling. With much less history than the rest, this outfit was worn on one of Rini's journeys as she went to find a missing friend. Consisting of a coat, boots, gloves, and shorts, the rugged ensemble was crafted from dhalmel and ramie cloth. Rini keeps several different survival items on her belt that differ from her conjury robes. Nowadays, this is an every day outfit that she wears when visiting the cities, but some have rumored to have seen her practicing Pugilism in them.

  Riniminiuniform.png Tavern Uniform
A formal outfit worn when serving guests at Wayfarer's Rest. Being the standard waiter/waitress outfit of the Wayfarers, it has a large crest on the mid of it's back depicting the company symbol of freedom. Black and white in a checker-like pattern, the coat is composed of several layers of ramie cloth. Black stockings accompany the coat with simplistic dress shoes.

Unique Items

The following are items that Rini has either created for herself or were given to here that are one of a kind and worth noting.

  Rinistaff.png Taeru
Taeru is a creation by L'rinhi that serves as her focus in conjury. Originally an oak stave used by her mother, Rini encased the item in a shell like structure in order to decorate it and mock the appearance of a focus she found in an old tome. Encased in pearl and rose gold, Taeru was Rini's masterpiece. While it is true that the additions she made to the staff actually weakened it's communal with the elements and aether, Rini was unaware of it at the time of the creation. However, over a year later, she would learn the truth through experience. In a fit of anger over various circumstances in her life, Rini threw the staff to the ground, shattering the head and casing that she was once proud of. Months later, her brother would present the staff back to her having preserved it from the hands of the others in the company. Upon cleaning the remains of her craft from the old rod, Rini once again wields Taeru in it's base form.
  Riniearring.png Mother's Moonlet
An odd orb that was left to Rini by her mother. It's make up and origin is unknown, but she crafted a holder out of iron to turn the trinket into an earring.
  Lrayaring.png L'raya's Ring
A small, opal ring from her mother with no other distinct factors.


It is worth noting that L'rinhi will take any avenue and exhaust all options before resorting to violence, but, when backed into a corner, the small miqo'te is anything but a pushover. With a mixed knowledge of Conjury, Archery, and Swordplay, the snow headed teen has several arsenals to choose from in the art of self defense.

• Conjurer

Rini began to hear the call of the elements at a young age. Even as a small girl, Rini inherited her affinity as a hearer from her mother and slowly began to realize the feeling of voices in her head wasn't just her imagination. Upon reaching the shroud in her teens, Rini would fully realize her connection with the world around her. For several years she studied under the Padjal in the Stillglade Fane and came to realize her responsibilitie that came with her gift. Out of the elemental wheel, Rini herself feels most at home with earth and uses it in the majority of her combat scenarios with water coming at a close second. While most of her experience comes from her adventures around the world, Rini still holds the tranquility and peace of the shroud in a special place in her heart.

• Archer

While she was learning the basics of conjury, L'rinhi was taught the basics of archery from a friend at her orphanage. Not knowing the difference between one side of the arrow to the other, Rini had difficulty at first learning the mechanics of the arrow drop and lacked the physical strength to fire properly. However, with practice, it soon became a favorite pastime between her studies. Sometimes spending days in the woods at a time, Rini felt more at peace when on the hunt for food for her family, gathering materials, and simply spending time alone in the Shroud. She came very close to giving up her pursuit of conjury to further her archery training, but realized her love for nature and the tranquility of the Shroud that she felt derived from her connection with the elements as a conjurer. Regardless, she remains a steady shot even today.

• Swordplay

The weakest of Rini's skill-set, swordplay was the first combat she ever learned. Wielding a dagger at the time, Rini was taught as a child how to defend herself with the help of a steel blade. Unlike her brother, who took to the art like he was born to, Rini failed at learning the appropriate motions needed to defend herself from an assault. She did, however, excel at footwork and manipulated her speed with a blade to her advantage. Moving as quickly as a flash, Rini would seem like a blur with her strikes, attacking somewhat relentlessly without any regard for her own safety. While she still retains what skill she had, Rini hardly ever resorts to this form of combat.

Echo Power: If you were to ask Rini directly she would tell you she does not have the power of the Echo, but, as a hearer, she has shown the power to understand other languages when she hears the call of the elements; this leads to the possible assumption that she might have the power of the Echo unknowingly. This has been further confirmed as she sees, communicates, and has even befriended a Twelveswood moogle, Mogki. L'rinhi has only recently began to know how to read and write, but, if she does have this gift of the Echo, it can be assumed that the more she studies the more obvious it will become that she has this power.


The Early Years

Rini was one of the last daughters born unto a small Viper Tribe that migrated among the Southern Sagoli Desert. The second born between Kett and Raya, Rini was sheltered for the majority of her tribal life. In the latter years, and the coming of the end of the tribe, she was allowed to befriend a small number of the other children who did not see her as an outcast. While Rini herself does not recollect this memory, the tribe was not as open minded to her father's choice of taking a keeper as his mate; before their departure, this joining would almost result in an uprising. After the events of Dalamud, Rini, now age nine, and her brother found themselves homeless after an invasion by a neighboring Amalj'aa tribe. They wandered the desert and nearly died themselves if not for the help of a wandering merchant.

The two children aided the merchant for the next several months and tried to cope with what was now their lives. Rini always had the feeling that her mother would come back and retained this hope for many years to come. The merchant, only known to Rini as Farce, would pass on many of the skills that she would continue to use even in present day. During their travels they would both learn how to wield a sword or, in Rini's case, a dagger in order to protect themselves, and the term known as 'haggling'. It was also during this time that Rini found her affinity for aether. While faint, she began to hear the call of the elements and learned the most basic and crude of healing magic. However, their new found guardian became very ill within a year into their journey and passed on in a small inn on the outskirts of Ul'dah. Even with Rini's new found power, she was not skilled enough to save him. Driven and determined, the children began to take on work in the local city.

At first, the city was very unforgiving to the children. Many refugees had already took up making camp outside the city walls and the majority of work that was within their means was taken. Ra, her brother, had turned fifteen that summer and began taking leves from the work board that required combat. These times were especially dark for L'rinhi as she was completely dependent on her brother. Day in and day out she would notice more and more of the cuts, bruising, and gashes that littered his body. On more than one occasion she would attempt to heal him, but only resulted in herself fainting. Even with her brother's hard work, the children would live on bread most days; something that Rini herself started to resent and abhor. This continued for several months, but in this time Rini found a way to make her own small amount of income. Each day she would gather reeds and weave them into small baskets. While these didn't supply them with much, this was the first time Rini felt that she had finally contributed to her brother and the world around her. As she started to grow, she insisted on accompanying Ra on several leves and tried, once again, to prove herself useful. These did not always go well and, more often than not, caused more trouble than actually assisting. One instance in particular, had them escorting a wagon between Blackbush and Ul'dah. While she had good intentions, it is said that the wagon ended up crashing into the river and its cargo swept downstream.

New Gridania and the Orphanage

L'rinhi and L'raha never stopped believing that their parents were out there, somewhere in the world waiting to be found. After several years the children were becoming more efficient and were able to slowly save money for their journey to come. At age thirteen, she left with her brother in search of their mother's homeland, the Black Shroud. After trekking through East Thanalan for several days, they took their first steps into the dark forest. Most of their journey was uneventful and fruitless as no one knew of their parents whereabouts. As time passed, they found their selves in New Gridania. Rini took to the woods quickly, enjoying the atmosphere and climate. While wandering in city, the two siblings came across an orphanage. Both of them were allowed to stay and for the first time in her life Rini discovered what, to her, a real bed was. However, Ra was eighteen by this time and was not allowed to make permanent residence there. So Ra took this opportunity to join an order and train, honing his skills. While he would have to leave her, L'rinhi would finally have a home.

While Rini did not agree with her brother's decision, she grew comfortable among the other children and started to develop her personality. Once a very meek and shy girl, an energetic, upbeat, and positive young woman took her place. While living with the Matron she continued to practice her weaving trade, learned basic math, found a sense of morality, and, most importantly, found hope that there was more to life than dusty streets and stale bread; one of the older boys even thought her the basics of using a bow and hunting in the woods. These were good times in the young miqo'te's life and while she missed her brother dearly she was happy that she finally had a place to call home. After several months, Rini applied to the Conjurer's Guild in order to learn how harness her gift. While she struggled initially, within a year she had begun to catch on much more quickly with many of the advanced teachings, but still struggled with the art of mending.

Several years passed, she remained happy at the orphanage as she became proficient at weaving, hunting, and, most importantly, her Conjury. She would frequently spend many mornings hunting in the woods to bring her family fresh food and water. She had finally felt like she had a place to belong, but, even after years had passed, she had not forgotten the thoughts of her parents. On her 16th birthday, she was greeted by a man she would later come to know as Lynx, her father's younger brother. Lynx was not part of her tribe and had been out in the world several years prior to the downfall of their clan. After explaining who he was, he presented her with an old, wooden staff that had previously belonged to her mother along with a small music box. While the music box no longer played, it contained several items that belonged to her; two rings, a necklace, and round, smooth stone. While she was enthused to have found another family member alive, Lynx left a few days later, stating that he had another to find. Later that year, the orphanage burned down, killing four of her friends and leaving her homeless yet again.

Siblings Reuinited

After the destruction of the orphanage due to an unknown cause, Rini migrated between staying at inns in the Shroud and the Shroud itself. With her Conjury classes taking most of her time, Rini did the small jobs that she could from the leve board to get by and fed herself. It was only 2-3 weeks before L'raha found her. An emotional reunion, the two reminisced and told stories of their lives in the time they were apart. Even after meeting their uncle and the passing of years, neither of them heard any news of their parents. The next morning they both agreed that they would travel back to Ul'dah together and pick up where they left off, silently abandoning the search for her mother and father as well as furthering her training.

As she walked through the Southern Gate of Ul'dah, Rini returned to a familiar atmosphere, but now a grown and capable woman. It was evident that life had changed for them both once they began working together. Ra, whom spent the many years training himself, would be the front-runner as Rini protected him from afar, using the earth and elements to aid them in battle. From escorts to the wanted, they pushed through and through each job and reaped the rewards. They went far from hungry, Rini enjoying their spoils with large dinners and desserts; she even grew fond of keeping cookies wrapped in her pocket. Now staying in an inn room full time, Rini started to miss her time at the orphanage and the people she grew to love. While they were not blood related to her, they were the closest thing to a family she had experienced at that point. With this grew an idea that would later blossom into a dream.

As they spent more time in Ul'dah, they would both meet a variety of people. C'jihn Tia, a trader, was one of the first close friends Rini made during her free time in the stone city. Another male, Kyrio Lamansque, was the first person to ever show interest in her as an attractive woman. Insulted at first, Rini avoided him most days in fear that she would be teased. Innocent from any carnal thoughts, Rini had yet to understand the meaning of love and didn't find attraction in people, regardless of gender. Eventually, they both would be reunited with another member who survived their tribe. Now calling herself Zy'dala, Zy'dala Shen was kidnapped before the raid on their tribe. The three found solace with each other, and, eventually, love. Ra and Zy would date off and on many months and became part of their daily lives. Within a few months, Rini finally had the family she was looking for in Jihn, Zy, and her brother, Ra. Occasionally they would even work together under the name "Wayfarers" that Rini had dubbed them. This put a spark in the small miqo'te, leading her to found a small company with the name "Wayfarers".

The Falling Out

Life progressed and time seemed to stand still. Each day was more full of life than the previous 15 years she had lived. Adventuring by day, relaxation at night, the siblings had finally found where they belonged. Except, to Rini at least, they were still missing something; a home. Thus, Rini began plans to build a house in the Goblet, a residential area for the citizens of Ul'dah. Days came and went until Rini began to realize that she would never be able to afford such a thing for her family unless everyone were to pitch in their shares. While they were far from poor, the market was far too high above what she could provide alone. With that, Rini was giving up
Rini, lost in thought outside the Quicksand in Ul'dah.
her 'dream' to make a home for herself and the others. During a wedding reception, Rini met Kyrio again. This would turn to be a pivot for two important events in the young girl's life as she found the man's admiration enchanting for the first time. They spent the night catching up and in the midst of the conversation Rini mentioned casually about giving up on, what she described at the time, a "silly dream". Ra, who was no stranger to eavesdropping on the two, overheard this and felt as though he had let his sister down, failing her yet again. Dealing with his own problems, Ra left the reception that day without a word, and, to Rini's dismay, would not be heard from again for many months.

After that night, they began to part ways one after another: Jihn, went back to his merchant business and traveled to Limsa; Zy'dala, had joined a new company and began to work for the Flames again; but Rini remained in Ul'dah for sometime, alone again and heart broken at the loss of another family. For the next couple of months Rini traveled around Eorzea looking for her brother, searching for him in almost every location her feet led her. Eventually, she returned to Ul'dah as she ran out of funds to continue searching.

During this time, she met someone who would lessen the stress on her life and expose her to a new world. Her name was Floria, an interesting woman who had claimed to be a Hyur turned Miqo'te by a strange potion. While it was awkward, Rini slowly began to warm up to her new friend. Between working small leves and earning enough gil to have a room again, Rini would often visit her home in the Shroud, a building owned by the Everyn Academy. Her visits there taught her much, including the first time she had ever worked as a waitress. This exposed her to her first cafe setting, seeing how happy people could be in a peaceful setting with Waiters and Waitresses in a small environment. As time passed, she grew to feel different about her friend than she had before. Growing more and more attached, she had grown to love the woman who had taught her so much. However, this did not end as she had expected. Upon confessing her love to her friend, Floria regretfully turned her down, feeling there were too many years between them. Embarrassed, hurt, and confused, Rini made her way back to Ul'dah with a heavy heart, rarely returning to the small house in the Beds again.

The Aftermath and the Construction of Wayfarer's Rest

Rini gave up the life of an adventurer, unable to bring herself to use her bow again and not strong enough as a conjurer to complete the leves alone. Instead she began to waitress at the Quicksand, serving drinks and food to the patrons that resided there. Even after giving up on the dream, she still thought of it often, wondering what could have been and how much it would have helped the people in the world. The orphanage had done so much for her as a child, but what if there was a place for people in general. Ul'dah was still littered with refugees with no homes and little work. On occasion, she would sneak out plates of food to those on the street behind the establishment, but this wouldn't go unnoticed for long. The night of her 17th nameday, she bought a small cake and sat at the crates in which the four of them once shared. Alone, she ate the cake in tears, not quite understanding why life had led her back down to this familiar road.

One day a man whom she was serving asked her a very precise question, "So you want to help people?". While the conversation was awkward and short, she briefly explained of what she had originally planned to do, but she lacked the money to push the project forward. While somewhat encouraging her, the man told her to meet him outside the local Goldsmith's shop after her shift; reluctantly, she agreed. That night the man revealed himself to be Casmi Hawke, a runaway noble from Ishgard and friend to her brother. He offered her a chance to have her home built if she would use the home to give him refuge and occasionally gather information and gossip for him. L'rinhi hesitated for only a moment before agreeing. If the man was teasing her she would only make a fool of herself, but if he was serious...She would finally have what was only a fleeting thought hours ago. Within only a few days she was given the deed to a plot and informed that construction would begin immediately. Stricken with disbelief, she hugged the man, thanked him, and made her way to see if the tale was actually true.

Construction began the following week and would last two months before it's completion. With the civil war in Ishgard growing more fierce, Rini found it an opportune moment to theme her home. Rather than serve as an orphanage, Rini made it a home for the homeless; anyone who needed a place to lay their head was welcome. Additionally, she turned the basement in a tavern to feed guests and provide drinks. Hawke also saw the potential of using the tavern to overhear gossip and information, having his request of L'rinhi fulfilled. She would name her establishment appropriately, Wayfarer's Rest, in honor of their group and the travels around the world. She was only missing one thing, people.

Wayfarers of Eorzea

The First Wayfarers. From left to right, Top Row: Gan Angura, Magdelena Delacroix. Bottom Row: Sarnai Angura, L'rinhi Kett, L'raha Nuhn, Zy'dala Shen

Within a few months of the completion of Wayfarer's Rest, Rini was given a second surprise; her brother had returned. Zy'dala would also return a few months later as well and the relationship between her and Ra would grow more serious. As for Rini, she continued to work as a waitress as she furnished her business. Near the beginning of the last moon of the year, Rini quit the job and began to work on her company full time. She would cycle between advertising, hiring, and planning the direction that the company would take. After much discussion, they decided the company would also serve as an inn for more income if the patrons only wanted to stay for a night or so. A man by the name of Gan would soon be hired by Ra to help in the construction of their first airship, known as Kett's Pride. Rini grew to Gan quickly, finding reason and wisdom in him and his words. With him, came his mate Sarnai and they both agreed to join the company and make her home their own. After this point, many would join her ranks, including Casmi's childhood friend Magdelena. But she would also gain something very unexpected. While posting on the leve board in Gridania, she wandered upon a blind Au Ra, Arietty Moonfall. After a short conversation she learned that he woman was building a school. Being the Matron and business woman she had become, Rini wasted no time in forming an alliance with her. They met on several more occasions and it seemed that Rini inadvertently made a very close friend. On the 2nd day of the 6th Astral Moon, the doors were opened to the public. On the 9th day of the 6th Umbral moon, she held her first event for singles, employing the few that lived there. The event was unbelievable, surpassing even her biggest expectations. She had finally achieved what she had sought out to do those many months before.

The trend continued, with her and her company growing in popularity. With the experience she had learned from working at taverns before, she brought a comfortable, homey atmosphere for any who would walk through her door. More members joined to raise their families and for work. But not everything was so joyful, as Zy'dala and her brother fell out and resulted in her departure from the company. Gan, as well, would eventually depart. But, even as she lost two of her closest friends, something unexpected would find to her again. Her close friend, Arietty, would ask for her to try to be a couple. Unsure at first, Rini agreed, fearful that it would again ruin a friendship she treasured and, also, break her heart, but she worried more that saying no would hurt her friend instead. Unbeknownst to her, the integrity of her company, as well as he resolve and will, would soon be tested as a pianist from Ul'dah would stumble upon their doors.

The Dark Messenger

An Au Ra, who was only know as The Dark Lord, made residence in her home. He brought with him a burden that struck at Rini's heart and her compassion. Bringing ill tidings that could result in a change in the balance of the elements, Rini has little choice but to agree to help him on his quest. During his stay, many of the residents would have issues with him, whether it be by his rude nature or his dark intent. Rini began to question her judgement and his intentions. However, it would tear her company into a civil war between those who saw him as evil and those that saw him as good. Regardless of the infighting, Rini continued to aid him and observed his ritual. One of these excursions ended horribly, injuring almost every member except for the Dark Lord, whose name later was revealed as Stroud. Upon returning, a brawl broke out in the company hall, resulting in more injuries and fueling the hatred.

After the incident, Rini gave Stroud a choice. He was either to join the company, and abide by their rules, or depart from Wayfarer's Rest. He submitted, and swore to never cause strife in the company again. While this was enough for some it was not for others, and tensions would continue to grow through the next few months. Ra had also found a new love in this time in O'sena Rhen. Rini missed the next expedition that Stroud led, sick and exhausted from a conflict that threatened Arietty's life. Like the last, this expedition ended in terror as the two sides would end up trading words and blows. Members of both sides were beginning to question her leadership and judgement which led her to a great deal of stress. Stroud had comforted her days before, giving her permission to punish him to ease her pain. In the end, tension had reached its boiling point, and Rini sent the Dark Lord away.

The Cult of Drilltooth and an Unlikely Ally

Rini stepped away from most of her company duties, allowing others to do her chores as she pursued a means to get her head clear. While working on a trade agreement with merchants in Ishgarde, Rini overheard that a cult of some sort was growing in the Brume. Curious, she wandered the Brume until she found the man who was preaching a 'heretic' type message. Ignorant to the ways of Ishgard, Rini looked on with curious eyes. Although she does not know why, the crowd rebelled against the man preaching, throwing stones and cursing him with foul words. Among the crowd was an elf, Evangeline Primrose, who sheltered the man to protect him. Being Rini, she rushed through the crowd to aid his wounds. It was then that an inquisitor appeared to take the man away. Rini pleaded for the man's life and, to the surprise of many, was able to convince him to spare both the old man and Evangeline. It was here that she first met Rhea Zaheela; it was here that Rhea first warned her that her innocence could cause her to be taken advantage of.

Two weeks later, she bumped into Rhea again, L'raha in tow, and assisted her in revisiting a library. Little did Rini or Rhea know, Evangeline had come prior to their arrival with others. Eva's descent into the library was not as peaceful as Rhea's and had angered the keeper. As Rhea was the one who first brought them there, she was held responsible for their actions and the stolen artifacts. They were then tasked in finding three stolen books that Evangeline had taken; failure would come at the cost of Rhea's life. As they tracked Eva and the books down, Rini grew close to Rhea and made it her business to befriend her. Rini had felt she finally had the sister she had always longed for.

The Journey for Enlightenment and the Second Fall

Later that moon, Rini decided she would take a journey to find an old friend, Gan. In doing show, she hoped to learn his teachings to surpass what she had become as a conjurer. As she was planning her trip, more infighting would occur and the arguments had spread to her personal life with Arietty. Reluctant at first, Rini had finally grown to love the woman she once considered her best friend. But, with the arrival of unknown figures and hidden truths, a rift was starting to form between them and test their trust. In mix of frustration and anger, Rini threw down her mother's staff, Taeru, and shattered it against the floor of the tavern before leaving for several days.

When she returned, she apologized to the people in her company and Arietty, but still felt like the rift was growing between them. In order to save herself from further heartbreak, she announced that she would be leaving to Othard. The morning of her departure, she asked Arietty for her hand in bonding, but she was rejected at that time. Arie made Rini promise to come back and when she did they would have the proposal open for the entire company. Rini took comfort in this and made peace with her friend and her company before leaving.

The journey itself was a failure, lacking any productivity whatsoever as she could find no traces of her long time friend. Three weeks later, Rini returned and stopped by Rhea's home for advice before heading back home. Embarrassed that she utterly failed, Rini found comfort in Rhea's words that her friends and family would never reject her. The next day, Rini returned to her home and was greeted by Ari. Unlike what she expected, she was met with the words that she feared the most as Arie broke the relationship off. Rini did not take the breakup well, reacting irrationally and leaving Wayfarer's Rest yet again. For the next few months she would stay with Rhea, who accepted her wholly, and made a home for her, with open arms.

Wayfarers Abandoned

For almost a full moon, Rini stayed in the confines of Rhea's home, either in bed or wandering through her extensive collection of books. Eventually, she was pressured to get back into the outside world and try to get back to her normal, cheery self. She had taken time to send her brother a letter and announcing that she wasn't coming back to Wayfarer's Rest and that the company should move on without her. During this time, L'rinhi took the time to wander through Ul'dah and meet new faces and friends. The most notable would be the couple of Az'rhyael and Syerra Cian'brigh. The married couple took a special interest in Rini and helped boost her spirits during the day as Rhea continued to support her at night.

Some time later, half a moon or so, L'raha came to see Rini and asked for her to come back to their home. O'sena had left the company and many of the members had left and went separate ways. He proposed that they rebuild the company together and move forward. Conflicted, Rini was not sure how to respond but reluctantly agreed to come back to the Rest. While much of it had changed, it was still home.

Rebuilding a Company and a Life

Rini agreed to help Ra put Wayfarers back together and began building her company back, filling it with new furnishings and rebuilding old relationships with companies they had dealt with in the past. In her free time, she continued to meet new people and forge new friendships. While she was rebuilding Wayfarer's, she still lived with Rhea at the time and decided that it would be for her best interest, and her friend's, if she found a new place to live. While she had the Rest, Rini still worried that she would have to leave it again one day so she began to want a home of her own. This would lead her to purchase what would later be known as Kett Manor, a mansion located in the Lavender Beds of the Shroud. Little did she know, after a few weeks of furnishing and preparing her new home to live in, she found that the Cian'brigh family lived only a few houses away from hers. Things were starting to look up for the woman as she slowly reconnected with friends that had grown distant.

Things took another unexpected change when she found herself in the midst of a date auction in Costa Del Sol. While making a delivery of goods to the trading post, she had inadvertently bid on one of the contestants. She would later know the woman she had 'bought' to be the Arcanist Serenity Maescia. While the encounter was awkward, she agreed to help the seeker home after learning of her issues with corrupted aether. It was here that Rini experienced a moment of weakness, finally growing close to someone for the first time since losing Arietty. But, as she opened her heart, Serenity denounced the relationship due to Rini's age. After a short stay at the Rest, Serenity went on her way.

This wasn't the last time Rini tried to find happiness through romantics. While catching up with her sister-in-law, Zydala Shen, a woman approached her by the name of Rhaya Nelha. The two grew close quickly, and both agreed to see where things led. However, Rini's insecurities of losing people she loved due to her innocence pressured her into making several mistakes and, all in all, led to the end of the relationship. This, yet again, led Rini down a road of great depression; after everything that happened, Rinhi had decided that she would give up on finding any sort of romantic relationship with another and instead buried herself in her long lost love of Kyrio...

Another Year Older

It wasn't long afterward that Rini would have a woman known as Haruka Forrester show up on the doorstep of Wayfarer's Rest. Pleading for assistance, Rini agreed to aid her in the recovery of her mate. What came to shock Rini more, was that the woman in need was none other than Serenity Maescia. While torn and slightly jaded, Rini did her best to aid in what had become a much worse corruption than before. After researching and running tests, she had no doubt that it was the same as what she had seen before; Serenity was being leeched by a Voidsent. Luckily, after the incident with Arietty, L'rinhi had a safe room built into the Rest so that she could isolate patients from the outside world; it wasn't long before she made a complete recover. Afterward, they both asked if they could take up residence in Wayfarer's Rest to aid in it's upkeep and possibly find work. Rini agreed, though she was reluctant in her heart.

The Miqo'te took a few days off on the road away from the Rest to meet new people and possibly find someone else to aid in the reconstruction of her company. While doing so, She ran across a particularly odd girl named Yune at the hot springs one day as she had stopped to rest from her travels. It wasn't long until Rini had made a friend and agreed to show her the world, dragging her back to Wayfarer's Rest and giving her a place to stay. During this time, she also encountered the Cian'brigh family once again as they were looking for work and a new home. Rini happily agreed to take them in, hiring them in hopes to once again take leves from around Eorzea. That moon, her brother held a name day party for her and those she had gotten close to. With a much different scenario than the year prior, Rini found herself surrounded by friends and family as her 18th cycle came to a close.

A New Home and an Unexpected Turn

A few days after the party, L'rinhi had received notice that construction was complete on what she would later come to call Kett Manor in tribute to her father. She took a few weeks off from the Rest to order, design, and even craft furniture for her home. Quite uncommon for her, Rini actually enjoyed traveling from place to place, buying books and old tomes to furnish her library. Upon returning to Wayfarer's Rest, Serenity met came into her office crying one night over an argument between Haruka and herself. She consoled, whom she could only describe as a new friend, her for the next few days before one thing led to another; Serenity confessed herself to L'rinhi and, while reluctant, Rini agreed to give things a try.

Soon, things seemed to be coming together in her life and with her company. Several walk-ins came to live inside the Rest as time progressed, meeting Ni na, her old friend Nebula Stardancer, and even Rheya, now A' would seek her out, looking for a home. Rini welcomed each of them as she and Ra began to make plans to reopen the tavern.

In the midst of growth, Rini resumed the role of Matron and accepted jobs on behalf of the company. As crime seemed to be on the rise in Ul'dah, the Wayfarers investigated and put a stop to many of the schemes surrounding the group known as Anarchy. While the group seem to have vanished without a trace, the young miqo'te steeled herself for what may be to come...

Peace at Last

L'rinhi during the Carnival Mog & Masque. Drawn by Tetrach of Axiom

As the Fall turned to Winter things seemed to calm down. The Cian'brigh family parted ways from the company, migrating on in their travels. With things falling into place, Rini began to meet with those of other companies, and old friends to strength bonds that time had took their toll on. She found a close friend, to her surprise, in Faye Covington, she found that her her idol, Aya Foxheart, was more normal than she expected, and even found a partner to play music with, a violinist named Fahron Elikha. She took the time to visit other venues, events, and even participate in promoting other company's events to boost their name. Two that she favored were the Twelve Oaks Library and the Carnival Mog & Masque held by a former Wayfarer, Kleio Dorne.

A week into the Starlight Celebration, Rini finally opened Wayfarer's Rest again on the same day it had opened the year prior. On the last day of the Starlight Celebration, L'rinhi asked Serenity to bond with her in which the fellow miqo'te agreed happily. Another year had came and gone as they would soon celebrate their first Heaven's Turn together.

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Rini met Serenity one day in Costa del sol when she accidently bid on the woman during a date auction. She won the woman, a 2,000 gil debt being lost in the process. Soon after the woman ventured back to Rini at Wayfarer's Rest. While Rini had started to care for Serenity, she was taken by another. When things took an unexpected turn in their lives, Rini did her best to support her during troubled times and in time the two fell in love. Since, they have been there for one another whenever needed and have vowed to weather whatever storm may come in their future.
💗  Rhea Zaheela
L'rinhi's best friend and "older sister". They bumped into each other after finding themselves in the middle of an uprising in Ishgard. After Fate intertwined their paths together through several random events, Rini accompanied her as a mercenary for an expedition. As things took a turn for the worse, she took it upon herself that she would help Rhea whether she liked it or not; Ironically, Rini found herself asking for help more than giving it during the early stages of their friendship. Regardless of the origins, she looks up to the woman as the older sister she never had.
💗  Zy'dala Shen
Her former sister-in-law ,Zy and Rini have been close since they first returned to Ul'dah. While Fate has pushed their lives in different directions, Rini still holds strong feelings for her friend.
Arietty and Rini met in Gridania one night while Rini was advertising the first event at Wayfarer's Rest. They became close very quickly, and remained good friends for several weeks before dating. Rini grew close to her over the next few months, but, in time, her loved one had a change of heart. The aftermath devastated the mi'qote's heart, however, she has pressed on nevertheless.
  A'lera Treon
Rini met A'lera in Gridania one night in passing. After a brief conversation, the two agreed to meet up more often and get to know one another. L'rinhi fell hard and fast for Rhaya, ending up with her trying far too hard and making several mistakes that she is still not proud of. Regardless, she still resides in a dear place in Rini's heart.
Kyrio and Rini met after Rini and Ra returned back to Ul'dah. She was put off by the male's advances at first, but, as time and maturity set into her heart, it has slowly grown into a deep, secretive love. She often thinks of him, but she has realized and accepted the reality of never being able to tell him how she really feels.
  Aya Foxheart
While Rini was in her early waitressing days, she looked up the hyur as a role model and is one of the reasons Rini came up with the standard in her tavern to always greet customers with a cheerful demeanor and a smile. Lately, she has had the pleasure of meeting the 'idol' and has begun to realize she is much less graceful than she imagined. Still, Rini finds the woman of pure heart and is looking past the image that was set by the media to get to know her. With plans to integrate her into the re-opening of Wayfarer's Rest, only time will tell what Fate has in store for them.
Lynnette is the long time girlfriend of Casmi Hawke. Other than that, Rini knows little about her and prefers to keep it that way to stay out of Lord Hawke's business.
  Nalli Blythe
An Au ra woman Rini met at a tavern event. While they honestly have very little in common, or at least that Rini knows of, she is the only person Rini knows who plays Triple Triad as often as she does. It doesn't take long for Rini to flourish her deck in front of her when Nalli's gaze meets her own.
Nataru met Rini in Ul'dah for an opportunity at a job back when Ra and herself would hire out adventurers to take down larger leve requests. From there, their friendship has remained steady with no major milestones other than bumping into one another and remaining friendly. As simple as it seems, Rini still considers Nat to be one of her closest friends.
An odd woman Rini has seen over the past year. A faithful patron of her tavern, Nebbs would always be seen with a cheery expression. While Rini has wanted to learn more about her, she has yet to do so.
The Dark Lord, Lux, Stroud, all names that Rini has grown to know the man that darkened the doorstep to her company on that fateful day. Stroud has been both a friend and enemy to Rini various times, sometimes both in the same day. While she questions his motives and means, she supported him in his role to cleanse the poisoned aether from the world. As things in her company soured, she sent Stroud away to quell the storm, but the pianist of Ul'dah still has Rini wondering to this day.


💗  L'Raha Nunh
Her older brother by five years, Ra has always held a special place in her heart dispite his overprotective nature. Though Rini had multiple half siblings, Ra is her only full blood brother. After the Calamity, he became the center point of her life, and after the events of recent years that brought them back together, they still carry the same bond they shared as children.
💗  Lynx Raha


  Aeirra Rhua
A woman her brother dated for a short period of time. Rini had seen her at several of her tavern nights but never got to know her any better. In the end, while she doesn't know her, she still holds the seeker in good standing.
A lallafelen girl L'rinhi stumbled upon one afternoon. While their conversation was brief, she looks forward to meeting the little one again.
  Kaori Rime
An odd miqo'te that happened upon Rini while she was looking about in Ul'dah. The conversation went relatively nowhere, but the odd girl has told Rini that their paths will cross again; who knows.
A participant in the Wayfarer's contest spree. She also spoke with him several times on occasion to book musicians for her events.
A man she bumped into in Ul'dah. He came off as strange to her at first, but later saw him as a regular at the bar. She commissioned a necklace for him to give to his sister.
A bard that Rini enjoys hearing play. She originally met her during the Last Bard Standing competition, but has since hired her for other events.
The former doctor of Wayfarer's Rest. While she didn't know him very well, she is thankful for all the good that he has done in the world.
An older hyur that Rini tried to employ to help with a job that ultimately fell through. She still sees her from time to time.
An old friend Rini met on occasion throughout Ul'dah. At one point Melodia asked her for a job in which Rini agreed and hired her to work at Wayfarer's Rest. However, she never did show up to work which has left Rini slightly bothered.
  O'sena Rhen
One of her brother's mates and a former member of the Wayfarers of Eorzea. While Rini did not get know her very well, she never minded the woman her brother was dating. When things went bad with Arietty, Rini left the company and O'sena assumed the leadership position for a time before leaving with her followers to create her own company. Even with the happenings that almost ended her company, Rini still holds no ill feelings for the fellow seeker, but she is also wary of her as well.
A former member of the Wayfarers of Eorzea. Rini didn't get to know her well, but she found the odd hyur that popped into her home interesting. She has not seen the woman in some time.
A performer most notable for her style and her fleas. Rini reluctantly hired her for a party after learning she refused to bathe. Regardless of what Rini thinks of her personal hygiene, Savo is still one of the best musicians she knows...And the fleas.
Rini first encountered Evangeline in Ishgarde while trying to cull a riot. Rini ended up pleading with an inquisitor, and to her surprise, was able to convince him to release the man and Eva with a warning. While things were good for a time, she learned that Evangeline had broke into an ancient library and stole several tomes. Rhea, Rini's closest friend, was cursed due to the actions. When approaching the Ishgardian rebel, she was reluctant to give back the stolen property until combat ensued. In the end, she gave the books back to the group, but Rini still harbors bad feelings toward her for putting her friend in mortal danger.

Old Friends

  Aiden Blood
A former member of the Wayfarers of Eorzea and one of Rini's first waitresses to host her tavern nights. While she hasn't got to know her on a personal level, she has attended and witnessed many important events in Aiden's life and has tried to be supportive of her. After attending her wedding, Rini threw her reception and wished her and Paul the best. However, Rini has heard rumors that not everything is happy in Aiden's marriage, but her friend was already gone when she returned to Wayfarer's Rest after her departure.
Az'rhyael, or Az for short, met Rini the night before she left on her journey. While they had a rocky start at first, Rini has done her best to make things up to the man with frequent visits and socializing. While she knows he is married, and even considers his wife a close friend, Rini can't help but blush at some moments when she notices the way he looks at her.
  C'jihn Nunh
An old friend that Rini knew in her past with a warm smile and someone always full of encouragement. Jihn was one the first members of the Wayfarers and was a staple in Rini's life for several months. He's been missing for almost a year now and his absence has weighed on her mind.
  Elza Fairhan
Elza was one of the first waitresses to work in Wayfarer's Rest and later become a Wayfarer herself. A kind, innocent soul, Rini felt like she could relate to Elza and found comfort when she was around. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Elza left the company after only a few months. Rini has yet to see the sweet girl since, but still regards her as gentle soul and a close friend.
  Floria Raine
An old friend whom is dear in Rini's heart. They met shortly after Rini returned to Ul'dah from her travels and grew closer the longer they spent together. But time has not been friendly to their friendship, and they have been growing further apart as life and time moved on. She was the first person Rini has ever had feelings for in the romantic sense and her memory still brings a soft smile to the miqo'te's heart.
  Gan Angura
A doman who showed up at her tavern with Sarnai. He was first employed to build an airship for their company by Ra, but soon after fell into the Wayfarers. He soon became a trusted friend and a place of refuge for Rini. He has been missing for many months after traveling back to his homeland.
A neighbor to the Wayfarers and frequent visitor of Wayfarer's Rest. A week wouldn't go by without Rini serving Integra a drink and discussing with her the happenings in the world. She has yet to see her since she left Wayfarers.
A Wayfarer of Eorzea and mate to Gan. She first accompanied him here when he was hired to work on the airship and volunteered to work as a waitress under Rini to earn some coin of her own. While Nai is very suggestive, and often embarrasses Rini, she is still the only piece of Gan Rini has left and for that she is thankful that Sarnai has continued to stay.
Sigurd is an old business partner of Rini who supported her during the company's infancy. Rini struck a deal with the man to have an unlimited supply of wine delivered to her company and in return he could stay at their inn and drink as much as he would like. The large man took the deal and has yet to cash in even one visit. One might ponder that he might just be that generous...Or he just enjoys any excuse he can get a hug from Rini...
Syerra, or Sye to her friends, met Rini the night before she left on her journey. Being the mate to Az, Rini and Sye spend most of their time together as a group to simply enjoy life and take a break from all the stress it brings. L'rinhi has recently learned of their plans to open a shop and hopes to be involved somehow and continue to push their friendship forward.
  Tira Nophi
Rini met Tira in the Shroud after getting lost while on the way to the Lavender Beds. With Tira as her guide, they wandered through the shroud sharing stories of their childhood and found solace in the similarities they had growing up. After their first meeting, they have continued to meet in Gridania to share stories of their past adventures and their hopes for the future.
  O'bahk Tia
O'sena's brother and a former Wayfarer of Eorzea. Unlike his sister, Bahk took interest in Rini on occasion and checked up on her from time to time. While she knows little about the deeper details of his past, his gestures went a long way with her. While he followed his sister to a new company, Rini hopes that their paths might cross again someday.
  Nanagi Nagi
A former member of the Wayfarers of Eorzea and a close friend of Rini's. Originally joining to be a waitress, Nagi traveled for the majority of her time with the company which left her a mystery to Rini. However, when things began to sour with Stroud, Nagi and Rini began to spend more time together before her abrupt departure from the company. She still thinks of the small girl to this day.


Player Character Rumors

The following rumours can be heard about Rini, predominantly in Ul'dah and Gridania. (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

Common rumours

  • That girl could lighten up a bit on the sweets. I've never seen anyone devour a dozen of cookies quite that fast.- Ul'dah Bakery
  • L'rinhi runs a tavern called Wayfarer's Rest in the Goblet. She's got some nerve that one; there ain't no way she makes money off her prices.- Quicksand Waitress
  • She runs a shelter for homeless folks down in the goblet. The soup is horrible, but the drinks are good.- Ul'dah Refugee

Uncommon rumours

  • I hear she's in league with an Ishgardian Heretic, several of em actually. I suppose her crew don't care where you are from.- Quicksand Regular
  • Rini Kett? Watch that kid around your customers. She sold me three music boxes and before she walked out of my shop she sold five to my customers for under half the price. She has no class.- Ul'dah Goldsmith

Rare rumours

  • She's the daughter of Raya Rinh'i? But wasn't she a Keeper of the Moon?- Gridanian Guard

What PCs are saying

"Unfortunately, some undistinguished gentlemen torment female Miqo'te who bear a little 'extra padding' around the hips. Such thoughts are abominable. Why, it is indisputable that plump kittens tend to offer the warmest cuddles. For example, Miss Rinny, who clearly enjoys the 'occasional' cookie, offers warm hospitality, kind, and hugs in droves. She's a real gem. Especially if you bring her something sweet to munch on." -- Sigurd Sundsteigen
"I heard any men sniffing around her wound up disappearing or meeting with accidents... I don't know why other men keep coming around but I know I'm staying away from her. " -- A man in a hood that is totally not L'Raha Nunh
"Rini has very quickly become one of my dearest friends. She has such a big heart and is welcoming of everyone she meets. And good things just seem to happen when she's around." -- Syerra Cian'brigh
"R-Rinhi..? My Rinhi? She's... She's my everything. My reason for waking in the morning and the last thought as I rest. I recall thinking our ages would... Well, I'm so glad I was wrong. I'll stand by her till darkness takes us." -- Serenity Maescia
"Rini... A love that burned brightly. Too brightly, at the time, and burned us both. But she was, and is, a dear friend..." -- A'lera Treon
"What do I know about L'Rinhi? Not much, really, except that she has a fantastic smile! But the Wayfarers - you won't find many places so generous and so dedicated to making people happy. They're one of the best happenings in Eorzea, and you can quote me on that!" -- Aya Foxheart
" " -- [[>Your name here<]]


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Alignment: Chaotic Good

Theme songs: BraveshineStartearMy Hands

Interesting/Odd extras:

  • Rini didn't learn to read or write well until she was 17.

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This is just a little bit about me to let you know what type of player and role player I am and what you can expect from me if our characters cross paths. I've been roleplaying for about seven years now and have done so over several MMO titles. Most of my years were spent on World of Warcraft RPing as several characters on both factions. Other notable games include Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rift, and even Runescape at one point back when I was very young and didn't know what roleplay was.
  Roleplay Style
I have a very open mind when it comes to what can happen in a role play, but I do try to stay within the means of lore. I can short post, long post, paragraph post, post while moving, post while standing still, etc. While it sounds silly, I want you to know that I don't have a real standard for my RP as terms of length. I am fine with the casual conversations or the in-depth ones. I can match my rokleplay partner's style to whatever makes them comfortable. I am also 100% fine with those new to roleplay or Final Fantasy roleplay. If I can help, I will on most occasions. I, and my character included, both enjoy helping others out and being a positive force in the community. As for questionable things such as ERP and such, I don't mind it, but I don't pursue it or forsake story for it either. If ERP ever does happen, I don't do scenes that would be considered extreme.
  Character Origins
Rini dressed as Ruby Rose
L'rinhi is, for the majority, an original character that is a variant of a similar character I have roleplayed in the past. I've always been very thorough with character development and personality because I use to worry if my character would seem interesting, but after several years I realized that even if you have an interesting character...Not everyone will find it interesting. So I designed something a bit different at that that had zero combat experience, very young, very outgoing, and I used that base to make a character who would approach other characters and make my own encounters. This was a strong part of what makes Rini, Rini. She doesn't meet a stranger, she doesn't have anything that really makes her special or the center of attention, but with interaction people can make a character more important than it originally is and I always found that really cool

Additionally, the character was suppose to be a book nerd who was very awkward in social conversation but had this impervious spirit that wouldn't take no for an answer. But, having a smart character would require me to know a lot about the lore and would make it difficult for her to be less naive about the makings of the world. So I changed her a bit to be a sort of average adventurer who loved the adventure itself. From there, I took inspiration from one of my favorite series, RWBY, and based a few of her quirks off of Ruby Rose; the primary things one could see are her love for cookies, her dinginess, her cheerful but lost attitude, and even her haircut. I wouldn't say she is actually based off Ruby but more of a slight tribute to her as a character I enjoy. L'rinhi is still in many rights her own character and extends out of the bounds that a character like Ruby would impose on her.

One other influence on the character is her outlook on romance. A lot of the things she might say or refer to is a reference to the anime short stories, 5 Centimeters Per Second. She isn't one to fall in love very quickly, but when she does it usually tends to affect her and I tend to describe a lot more of her expressions and mannerisms that change with that feeling. There are still characters she met long ago that she longs for and that affect scenes that are normally completely different and irrelevant to that memory, but they haunt her regardless. Much like the fleeting memory of losing someone you love stays with you, I try to ensure that it is noticeable that it stays with her as well. This might not make much sense to some, but for those that catch the subtle ques when roleplaying with her, especially one on one, you might see a few traces of this, somewhat depressing, style.