Tertersa Terin

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 Tertersa Terin
[[Image:Profile pic CT2.png|250px]]
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Unknown
Age 17??
Nameday 8th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon???
Occupation Black Smith
Guardian Menphina, The Lover??
Pseudonym Crystal Theron



Crystal is a pseudonym that this little lala uses. She is a friendly little coward who is striving to be braver. She is a extremely talented metal smith and prefers big projects to little ones and their is almost nothing she can't smith. She loves to make people smile, laugh and generally enjoy the small things. She has an innocent demeanor and a huge smile. In an attempt to be braver she joined the 81st Foreign Levy to learn from her hero, idol and now mentor and pseudo-mama, Onuma Ahntifi.

Over her first few months with the 81st, Crystal battled with her guilt. She was too afraid to pick up a blade again yet her the 81st needed her. Her guilt led her back to the healers in Gridania to learn how to be a mend. Her deep emotion to help protect and heal made it easy for her to pick up the basics. In more recent months she has gone out fighting with them and shown that she can beat her fear. Coward may no longer apply to her but she still pretends from time to time.


Crystal tries follows a code of conduct. She may break a rule once in a while but they are generally set in aether. The rules are as follows:

  1. It is okay to loose everything to make someone smile.
  2. Onuma Ahntifi is infallible and everyone else is wrong.
  3. Never hug a person who is leering, drooling or looks like they are shifty.
  4. Hugs heal hurt hearts.
  5. Laughter is the best medicine.
  6. Don't make people with broken ribs laugh.
  7. Big flying things are scary.
  8. Hide behind inert, or friendly tall things when scared.
  9. Never ever lie.
  10. If caught lieing, panic, cry, or both.
  11. S'aerdha Tia is awesome and should under no circumstances be pissed off.
  12. No one is ever good enough to marry her family.
  13. Dragons are fucking scary and anyone who says otherwise is insane.


The Lost Beginning

Tertersa was the 6th child born to Dadarin Gogorin and Lilisa Lirin. They didn't stop after Tertersa, they went on to have another 5 children. She is the middle of 11 children with 5 sister and 5 brothers. It was a huge little family. Tertersa quickly learned how to get attention and it may not have always been the kind she wanted. In order to get her out of their hair she was entered into a blacksmith apprenticeship. She flourished there as her parents did not know Tertersa had been forging things in her mind for longer than she could ever remember. Their daughter was blessed by Hydaelyn. She could forge her memories into different objects for those she cares for. These object where never manifested outside of her dreams but that skill would soon manifest in her later years.

Because of her innate talent for the craft her teacher soon kicked her out of his forge. Her tinkering as starting to become dangerous and his knowledge was not enough to guide her appropriately. With a letter of introduction and support he sent Tertersa to Limsa Lominsa to join the Smithing Guild. This was where Tertersa became Crystal. Crystal would be her name to protect the Family she loved and was leaving behind. The name was chosen as a sign to others that she knew the kind dream crystal lady who taught her to forge her memories into things. Hydaelyn told Crystal that she would need to protect her family from what was to come, warned her of the dangers her life would soon come into contact with and the blow back if she didn't cut ties with her beginning. Their little Tertersa was going out to be a hero and never remember them. At the tender age of 14 she left home for the sea never to return.

Following the Name

The name Crystal Theron shows it's earliest form in the records of a few guilds on Eorzea. The first record is registration and letter of recommendation on file at the Smithing and Armorer's Guild in Limsa Lominsa. The original record and letter are long faded but a transcript provides enough detail to match. On first glance the record would be over looked for the timing matched a much older lalafel with deep green hair. The records start 1560 (6th AE), eleven years before the Calamity. The remainder of the record continues mentioning their excitement to have such a gifted smith join and their hope of her potentially leading some day in the far distant future when she grew out of her mischievous habits. They are vague about the extent of said habits but the word manipulative and creative are often interchanged in the disciplinary reports.

The next guild to have records of Crystal is the Gladiator's Guild in Ul'dah around 1563 (6th AE). Again these records may have been overlooked for their age and similar description to a green haired lalafel. However the personality and playfulness match to the letter. The records indicate the little lalafel won many of her matches against her opponents for her meek fighting style and the pretense of cowardliness. It took many years before even the guild changed it's records to show her tactical genius on that front. Being short and quite adorable she used that to her advantage in the field to such an extent to bringing opponents cheering section to her side and yelling at her opponents of hurting such a little angle. The guilds records mention her wielding a sword and shield made by her personally and preferring a fighting style around a modified bladed shield. Many of the other member of the guild were known to have her as their primary smith. They still have a sword and shield in their storage that belong to the woman and they have yet to even need honing or polishing in their since their storage around the time of the Calamity.

Both guilds hold her in good standing up until leaving around 1568 with a Free Company. The records don't mention the lalafel again for almost a decade later. 4 years after the Calamity. The Twin Adders holds a record of a Merchant caravan who brought a young looking barely breathing lalafel into the Conjury guild for heavy mending. The records go on to recount how a bold green haired lalafell girl stood defending against Ixal raiders while their own guard ran in panic. Continuing about her never loosing her sword for long and defending the whole group until reinforcements from the Wood-Wailers arrived. The battle is often described to have had flashes of blue aether but no mage around.

It is still under conjecture whether or not this description given to the healers matched the lalafel who woke up in their care almost a full year later. The green hair slowly grew out turning white as they cared for her. However the Merchants paid money in advance for her care specifically. She stayed in the care of the Conjury guild for another year before being able to manage on her own. Their records indicate she suffers from amnesia, PTSD and a bad habit of manipulating people.

A new record was started for this white haired jittery little lalafel shortly there after at the Smithing guild in Limsa Lominsa.. Her skill far exceeded what was believed to be her age, 16 and her panic and fear melted once a task was given to her. In fact no task given was ever left unfinished. She was known to have stayed up for over a week forging the bow of an airship, by herself. It was almost 6 years after the calamity when she was banned from the Guild.

Disciplinary records indicate the creation and explosion of several bomb like devices, although her testimony swears that the invention wasn't supposed to do that. She had in fact melted one of their forges in to gigantic slagy mess, nearly slaughtered a Chocobo and blew up the main forging area more times than they continued to count.

Her New Family

With out a home or source of income Crystal broke down into tears. It was then that Hydaelyn spoke again to her for the last time and guided her to the steps of the 81st Foreign Levy and told her to seek out a woman named Onuma. Through some childish bribery, hugs and adorable sulking, Crystal weaseled her way into the Foreign Levy as an ally to work under Onuma. Besotted with joy at meeting the lady her nice but creepy dream voice spoke of, Crystal quickly dove into working.

She clung quite firmly to Onuma's side, not knowing why Ms Hydy wanted her in this building. Many months have passed since she arrived at the 81st. Since that day she has made many friends and has adopted some of them into the deeper circle in her heart where her family exists. She works hard repairing and making new weapons to protect her family. However the 81st would still return home victorious but badly injured. Guilt rose in her heart as she knew she could do something to help but she was too unwilling to pick up a blade again. This emotion eventually broke her heart and she ran back to Gridania where she woke up. There she began to learn Conjury so she could help mend her loved ones and protect them from harm.



  • Smiles and laughs
  • Smithing big projects
  • Sigmond B. Wibbleton
  • Helping people
  • Food
  • Pranks


  • Being a coward
  • Jerkfaces
  • Swords
  • Seeing people sad
  • Scary things
  • Dragons
  • Flying


  • Crafting things
  • Making people smile
  • Inventing
  • People Watching


  • Black Smithing
  • Gold Smithing
  • Watching people

Gift from Hydaelyn

Crystal was born with a unique gift of forging her memories into things. It is her Echo power. In cases of need Crystal is able to summon aether to her hands and forge an item out of the energy. The aether in her hand is a physical manifestation of her memories and her feelings. The more she cares for someone the stronger the item is and the faster she can create it. In the past she has been able to make weapons, shields or pieces of armor. If the item breaks those memories are also broken. This also comes with a powerful head ache and unconsciousness when the item breaks. Many have been lost to her because of this gift.


Tier 5

  • Sigmond B Wibbleton - This massive coeurl is Crystal's family, friend and companion. His size is large even for a Roegadyn. He is sassy and agile. Crystal trusts the beast with her life and is currently worried. For the first time in almost a decade the mount threw her off and ran. Crystal is currently uncertain of his whereabouts.
  • Onuma Ahntifi - This woman is many things to Crystal. A role model, mother figure, and idol. Guidance from Hydealyn led Crystal to this woman, and only death will seperate her. She holds a sense of wonder and awe at the strength the miqo'te shows the world. Admiration for her craft and willingness to go back out and get hurt to protect those around her.
  • Ferai Caolann - A brother and friend to Crystal, Ferai makes her feel like she can be strong again. Having orginally met the miqo'te before his gender swap via potion accident, Crystal still sees the sassy girl sometimes. She is proud of Ferai's antics and secretly cheers him on. She loves him like family.
  • Rhesh'ir Zhwan - If Kikira get's to call him papa so will Crystal. It's not a jealousy thing but it totally is. Crystal sees the deep friendship between Onumama and Reshir-papa so it only makes sense to adopt this shmexy miqo'te as a stand in papa. Granted she knows his time is packed full of other people's silly (reads Stupid) antics so she tries hard not to cause trouble for the leader of the 81st.

Best Friends/Crush

Tier 4

  • Jujuwai Totowai -Shut up, he's cute and adorable. Oh and that brain of his is just down right sexy. Crystal could nerd talk with him for hours if she could get past the brain failure due to his proximity. I mean seriously she just wants to pounce on him and rub her pudgy cheeks against his face. Well more than that but shut up.


Tier 3

  • Ranirus Crithalos Her original meeting with Ranirus actually started her whole movement to be more brave. It was a poor start to the budding frendship she thinks she has now, but there is always more time. Crystal sees Sigmond in this wild miqo'te. This man intrigues Crystal and she wants to adopt him as a little brother but animosity between him and the 81st have rendered her machinations useless.
  • Lynn'wo Vahnal - The silly man next to the card trick lady. Archer and friend of Upa. He's nice and tall enough to hide behind. She can camouflage in with all the white he wears. Joy at being able to make something for him. Arrows. Joy. Now he has a weird birdy that he treats like family, but she really can't talk with Siggy as a brother....
  • Upa Zuvhe - A kind face smiling at her. Joy. The offer to be bravery buddies. Happiness. Seeing her with Mr. Lynn smiling and being cootie gross with each other was kinda cute. Content. Planning on going to a dungeon with Upa. Fear and Joy.

Battle Buddies

Tier 2

  • Y'lyfriel Sikah - Crystal misses Ms Lyffi. Since her passing the lala has been working hard to make the statue she promised. The statue has an aether imbalance and explodes, but it's nearly finished...
  • Teniko Feniko - Known to Crystals as Tenfen, or dude who talks with a mouth full of rocks, she met this lalafell on a recent outing. For some reason she poured out her inner secrets to the schmoozer even though she could read heart breaker all over the little bastard. Crystal does want a friend she can talk to about her secrets, maybe that might be Tenfen... or not. He is a thief of coin and hearts after all.


Tier 1

  • Rinha'li Dhavha - The tall brave stuttering of a fellow coward. Admiration for one who fights even with the fear. Admiration for sending her to safety even while he was scared. Admiration. Needs to remember to get a hug from him the next time she sees him.
  • Kodaro Ba'rococo - A brave smile that kindles it in others. Admiration. A bowl full of tasty meat pie filling that fills the empty stomach of a hard days work. Comfort. Sad look of having his place removed. Empathy. She wanted to give him a hug but there was a bowl of food to be nom-ed. Admiration.
  • Shoshopu Shopu - Worry over the tipsy fluid Lala. Concern. What if she falls over? Thoughtful. A gimps of a sleepy tired smile, one after a battle burns on the lala. Admiration. Guilt for not being there to help more than give a wet cloth. Worry for something that can't be remembered. Joy.
  • Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn - Big Scary Man. But nice... Still big and scary but less so when seated and smiling. Tall Roegadyn. Hesitance. Granted he is perfect to hide behind.
  • Kikira Kira - A beautiful and pretty lalafel. Looked so amazing in her pretty dress on her nameday. A bit of jealousy for her cuteness. Envy. (Memories to add)
  • Raeventiel Beaudonet - Creepy tall Elezen. Dislike for the looks on the elezen's face. Thoughts of understanding that he doesn't know her. Thoughtful. It's not right to judge people. Sitting at a meeting looking up at the tall man with admiration for his brilliance. He's smart for a jerkface. Ambivalence. Seeing him hurt in the infirmary and helping him get some juice. Kindness. (Memories to add)
  • Ralamano Nulumano - Ralamano is kind. Crystal doesn't know him well but she see's him as Kikira's older more level headed brother. She kind of avoids him because she knows her paperwork still isn't finished and she doesn't want to remind him nor herself of it.
  • Zarek Earthshaker - Tall, dark, quiet and scary. Zarek is normaly the type of person who would scare her to pieces. However since he gave her a hug she believes that he is worth of Onuma's friendship and her trust. Even though he's too friggen tall.
  • Seda'li Tayuun - Totally unworthy of her pseudo-brother Ferai. Seda'li is a dense miqo'te with a munchkin. But Ferai loves him with sickening ferocity and so Crystal has started to think of him like a big sister, especially now that she has seen him in a pink tux carrying flowers.
  • Keaira Twinning - Known to Crystal as Ms Winning, this stunning one eyed woman is skilled with her boom stick. Which is what gained the woman the nickname. Crystal is currently trying to see if she can get the woman into a dress. She thinks the lady would look quiet fetching.
  • Khairen Tumet - Not worthy of Onuma's afffection.... ~_~ Not really, He's probably worth her time as he has his own kids but she doesn't like him. Not for anything he's done.
  • Wyra Nimh - One of Crystals current goals is to get a hug out of this creepily stoic woman. It's going to happen some day.

People to Mess with

  • Vyncent Tanner Soley because he's sassy and likes to threaten her Crystal finds pure unadulterated joy from annoying this massive man. She knows he could probably break a few ribs punting her but she has a feeling he won't. Maybe he might help her hold a blade again... if she ever got cocky enough to duel the axe wielding Goliath. She is also totaly trying to get him to admit he has a crush on Ms Winning.


Crystal isn't the type of person to let people dislike her. But if you scare her, she's hard to win back, unless you are cheating by being cute, giving her food, or are like a coeurl.


Common Rumors

"The small white haired blacksmith, Yeah. She was apart of the guild for a bit. Makes a mean blade that one. Wouldn't expect her to be able to craft something ten times her size." -Blacksmiths Guild Member

"Crystal? Heard she used to be apart of the Gladiator's Guild a few years back. She was pretty good." Ul'dah Townsfolk

Moderate Rumors

"Crystal. It's a shame what happened to her, the mind is a fickle thing." Gridanian Healer.

Rare Rumors

"You know Crys! Small Lalafellin Lass? Green hair, Big smile, perpetual sunburn on her cheeks? Yeah, She saved us all... Gave us time to rally the guards t'get back int' the fight. Saved us she did" - Ul'dah merchant

PC Rumors


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