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The Elezen are a traditionally nomadic people who in former times claimed sole dominion over Eorzea, their presence predating that of the other races. Believing this prominence to be ordained by the the Twelve, they came to develop an esteemed sense of honor and pride.

Their characteristically tall, slim physiques and elongated limbs are part of a successful adaptation to the land's various environments. Indeed, it is said that their highly sensitive ears can discern the squeak of a field mouse at a distance of up to several malms.

Ultimately, the Elezen diverged into the two clans that exist today. The Wildwood Elezen took to the forests in their ongoing fight to protect their homeland against the encroaching Hyur, while the Duskwight Elezen withdrew to caves and sub-terrain, opting instead to avoid all contact with any but their own.

The Elezen are a characteristically tall people, long of limb and slender of build. They are also possessed of a somewhat extended lifespan in comparison to the Hyur. The Elezen once claimed sole dominion over Eorzea, their presence predating that of the other races, and, as such, developed a heightened sense of honor and pride. In years past, the Hyur migration into Elezen lands sparked bitter conflict. At present, however, the mutual understanding reached between the two races allows them to work towards mutual peace and prosperity.

The forests, of which the Black Shroud is the tangled heart, have been home to the Wildwood Elezen for hundreds of years. Many of the Wildwood, however, have been drawn to the city-states they helped found, such as Ishgard and Gridania. Their fondness for law and order has contributed to a reputation for being haughty and argumentative.

For the past several centuries, the Duskwight Elezen have lived in the woodland caverns of Eorzea. These cave-dwelling Elezen are the descendants of a branch that split from the main Wildwood clan during the founding of Gridania. The Duskwight despise the "shackles" of urban life, and it is not uncommon for this reclusive people to avoid the city-states altogether.

Other Physical Traits and Stats


Minimum (0%)

Average (50%)

Maximum (100%)

Wildwood: STR19 DEX23 VIT18 INT22 MND17 PIE21
Duskwight: STR20 DEX20 VIT19 INT23 MND20 PIE18

Naming Conventions

Both the Wildwood and Duskwight Elezen are proud clans from a proud race. The forenames and surnames used by them have changed little since the time when they first crossed into Eorzea from the north. However, over the ages, due to bad blood between the two tribes, the surnames once commonly used by both, have been claimed by one side or the other. Now, you will find that while the structures and spellings of the names are extremely similar, and they follow the same phonetic rules, a Duskwight and a Wildwood Elezen will never have the same last name.

The spelling and phonetic rules are extremely similar to those of French, and while there are no set-in-stone guidelines for male or female names, there are some distinguishing features.


Female names tend to end in “ne,” “ette,” or “elle” or on extended vowels like “ie”, and be shorter than the male names.



Male names are longer, and will end in x, such as ‘loix’ (pronounced ‘lo-ah’) or ‘aux’ (pronaounced ‘oh’), or end in a silent t, such as ‘mont’ (pronounced ‘moan’) or geant (pronounced ‘john’).


One will also notice that some of the Elezen names appear familiar to those of the Hyur.

Louis vs Louisoix
Eugene vs Eugenaire
Arthur vs Arthurioux

Gwen vs Gwenolie
Hilda vs Hildie

There are Eorzean historians who believe that these similarities in names may be proof that the two races are of similar origin─’open-minded’ Hyuran historians claiming the Elezen are a bastard race spun off from the Hyurs (and not the other way around). Elezen historians, on the other hand, simply deny any blood relation whatsoever.


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